Gunnar Nelson narrowly escapes disaster in Iceland car accident


Undefeated welterweight Gunnar Nelson was in a car crash this weekend that sent him into an Icelandic river. founder Ryan O'Leary has the story.

“The pickup he was in (they were 4 in the car and Gunnar was in the passenger front seat) went off the icy road and rolled down the hill 3-4 times,” said Gunnar's father and manager Halli Nelson.

“Gunnar is fine but he had to have some stitches in his arm. It (truck) ended up on its wheels in Þjórsá, this is Iceland’s longest river. It’s a glacier river with very hard current. If the car had gone one meter further into the river it would have hit deep water and the current would have taken it.”

“If they had gone of roads few meters before or later it would have been much worse and they would also have gone in the river.”

“All of them got away with scratches basically even though Gunnar had to have around 10-11 stitches in his arm, he’s fine and will be ready to start training again in a short while.”

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Image posted by passenger Þráinn Kolbeinsson

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jonpall site profile image  

11/1/13 5:48 AM by jonpall

Guys, do yourself a favor and read this: know Gunnar. Fortunately him and no one was hurt. This link is a spoof but hilarious.

NorthFromHere site profile image  

11/1/13 2:33 AM by NorthFromHere

Great interview, thanks

Graemeo site profile image  

10/31/13 5:53 PM by Graemeo

Gunning for 2014: Nelson talks his car crash, his injury, MMA in Iceland and UFC Dublin     This week Peter Carroll caught up with Iceland’s prodigal technician, Gunnar Nelson, who narrowly escaped a potentially fatal car accident last weekend. Having suffered a knee injury in April, Nelson has yet to re-appear in the Octagon where he has impressed thus far with wins over DaMarques Johnson and Jorge Santiago.   Now, with his eyes firmly fixed on 2014, Nelson discussed his return, MMA in Iceland, his hopes for next year, UFC’s Dublin card and the crash that nearly saw him plunge to the bottom of the Pjórsá.   “I’m feeling good,” said Nelson, typically underwhelmed, even by his brush with death. “Thankfully we all escaped, I needed 10 or 11 stitches in my arm and one of my friends hurt his neck, but otherwise we’re good.   “We were going to see a volcano for a bit of an adventure and the road we were driving on seemed to be clear the whole way. We turned halfway up the road because there was a mountain blocking us, but as soon as we did the whole road was covered in ice.   “My friend who was driving tried his best to even it out after losing control, but we went off the side of a hill and rolled the car a few times.”   Fortunately for the welterweight, there was no further damage to the knee that has seen him out of action since February when he claimed a one sided decision over veteran Jorge Santiago. Undergoing MCL surgery in April, Nelson choose not to make haste on his return to combat, instead he took precaution to safe guard his future in the sport.   “My knee is perfect now, I just thought it would be better to take it easy and wait for it to be completely healed before I came back. There was no single incident that led to the injury, so that kind of told me that maybe I had been training too hard, for too long.   “Especially with the meniscus, I’ve seen guys trying to hurry back from the same injury and it just keeps going again and again. I didn’t want to take that chance so I was in no rush.”   “After the surgery I was just doing exercises to build my knee back up, it was about a month before I got back on the mats and started grappling again. Obviously I wasn’t doing as many sessions as I usual, but after that it took me about two months to get back to regular training,” revealed the Icelandic fighter.   MUCH MORE -

NorthFromHere site profile image  

10/30/13 2:13 AM by NorthFromHere


NorthFromHere site profile image  

10/29/13 1:30 PM by NorthFromHere

Lets hope Gunni finally returns to action in early 2014

Letibleu site profile image  

10/29/13 10:56 AM by Letibleu

I didn't know they had roads! Glad everyone involved are relatively ok.

Bwatermyfren site profile image  

10/29/13 10:53 AM by Bwatermyfren

Hope he recovers quick.

UGCTT_THE Kevin Chandler site profile image  

10/29/13 10:15 AM by UGCTT_THE Kevin Chandler

Lol at calling a dozen stiches "scratches". Fucking Vikings.

RobinHood site profile image  

10/29/13 10:11 AM by RobinHood

Gunnar should use narrow boats. I read its the lowest accident rate of all transportation.

Media Monster site profile image  

10/29/13 10:04 AM by Media Monster

Viking blood isn't affected by Icelandic glacier rivers, everyone knows that.