King Mo not a fan of internet message boards


Muhammed Lawal, better known as 'King Mo', will be looking to get revenge against Emmanuel Newton when they square off at Bellator 106 Saturday. He also will look to shut up the shit talkers on the internet, although he doesn't read there comments:

“I don’t go to that many websites. For what? So I can go read a bunch of stuff from fans who don’t know (expletive)?” said Lawal when asked if the criticism from fans about his “lucky” comment bothered him.

“What are they gonna tell me about fighting? How can a (expletive) tell me about my jab when he’s never thrown a jab before?

“Let’s be real. That’s like me saying, ‘Hey, you’re frying that chicken wrong,’ when I ain’t ever fried a chicken in my life.  Or, ‘Hey, you shouldn’t be cooking ribs that way,’ when I’ve never cooked ribs before. Or what about a pool? ‘That pool needs chlorine,’ when I have no idea what I’m talking about.”

Lawal has a message for critics (words that I’m not about to reprint here), and tells me to leave them a little reply in the comment sections.

He says to tell them “that’s from King Mo.”

“They live on the internet,” he continues. “I have a life. I got family. I got friends. I got places to go. I don’t spend time lollygagging and posting on message boards. I’m better than that.”

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hendofanforlife site profile image  

11/3/13 7:51 PM by hendofanforlife

This interview is cutting into my squatting time!!

Stea1th site profile image  

11/3/13 7:37 PM by Stea1th

Pretty sure king mo sits down to pee

Kentpaul site profile image  

11/3/13 7:20 PM by Kentpaul

I bet he does come on here but just does not post

D241 site profile image  

11/3/13 1:30 PM by D241

Lol, that's actually a fair, and funny point.

Authority Figure site profile image  

11/3/13 12:36 PM by Authority Figure

He wasn't complaining about the forums when we were wishing him a speedy recovery from Staph infection and nearly lost his leg. Back then, he loved us.

submitbitch site profile image  

11/3/13 12:30 PM by submitbitch

King Mo is the black Tito Ortiz even when he loses he can't STFU! "You know what I'm sayin"

BJ Penn Forever site profile image  

11/3/13 11:13 AM by BJ Penn Forever

Back to frying these mozzarella sticks and cleaning this here pool.

BJ Penn Forever site profile image  

11/3/13 11:11 AM by BJ Penn Forever

Looks like "the hardcore kid" channeled the powers of the UG to defeat "King" Mohammed.

Wicked smahtMF site profile image  

11/3/13 7:07 AM by Wicked smahtMF

he sucks

RedDragonUK site profile image  

11/3/13 5:54 AM by RedDragonUK

Pretty narrow minded point of view. Slagging off internet boards when you dont go on internet boards is like telling someone how to fry chicken when youve never cooked a chicken.