Jordan Burroughs changes mind on MMA career


Wrestling is the best base for mixed martial arts, as even a casual glance at the best in the world demonstrates:
Heavyweight • Cain Velasquez • JUCO national champion, 2X Div I All American
Light Heavyweight • Jon Jones • JUCO national champion
Middleweight • Chris Weidman • 2X Div I All American
Welterweight • Georges St-Pierre • Arguably the best wrestling in MMA, ironically never wrestled
Lightweight • Anthony Pettis • Taekwondo/Kickboxing
Featherweight • José Aldo • BJJ/Kickboxing
Bantamweight • Dominick Cruz • Wrestled in HS, did not wrestle in college, but coached wrestling post HS
Flyweigh • Demetrious Johnson • 2X All State in HS, did not wrestle in college

Thus it was with great anticipation that MMA fans looked forward to American, world, and Olympic freestyle wrestling champion Jordan Ernest Burroughs entering the cage.

Shortly before winning Olympic gold in 2012, Burroughs set out a timeline for a career in the world's fastest growing sport.

"Probably after the 2016 Olympics," said Burroughs. "I want to go two Olympic cycles. I feel like I have a lot of wrestling left in me, a lot of double legs left in me, so that's basically my focus right now. Winning a couple world medals, win a couple gold medals in the Olympics and then make that transition to MMA."

However, Saturday night Burroughs said a cage is not in his future.

"MMA is brutal," tweeted Burroughs. "Great sport, but not for me. I will never step foot in the Octagon."

Burroughs will instead presumably focus on coaching wrestling, continuing a tradition that in turn has produced countless great MMA champions.

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deathsquad45 site profile image  

11/5/13 6:19 AM by deathsquad45

You better still throw in David Taylor! Dudes a beast.

deathsquad45 site profile image  

11/5/13 6:17 AM by deathsquad45

Agreed! We'll see if he still stays. "Meh" after a Jordan Burroughs double leg and dump.

AMartinez20 site profile image  

11/4/13 9:03 PM by AMartinez20

Alvarez vs Chandler 2. He tweeted it right after that fight

MMc AA site profile image  

11/4/13 8:31 AM by MMc AA

Brock became the HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD what more do you want?

Larry Appleton site profile image  

11/4/13 5:17 AM by Larry Appleton

Cael Sanderson would have been an mma champ, he and everyone else knows it, but he saw the damage these guys take and made a wise decision to keep himself healthy

wiggum site profile image  

11/4/13 4:46 AM by wiggum

The top D1 head coaches make very decent money. Cael Sanderson makes $175,000/year and a lot of them are provided housing. Rob Koll, Mark Cody, Tom Brands are all in similar situations. Plus they make a lot of money off their camps.

MT11 site profile image  

11/4/13 4:18 AM by MT11

Lol he'll get a 6 figure coaching job. I wouldn't fight for 8k/8k either.

MisterHawkeMMA site profile image  

11/4/13 3:52 AM by MisterHawkeMMA

I'm pretty sure he just saw a picture of Junior Dos Santos' face and decided to retire from MMA before ever even beginning. That's awesome and horrible at the same time.

jiujitsu111 site profile image  

11/4/13 3:17 AM by jiujitsu111

Fighters pay is such fucking bs!!! MMA just don't pay for shit. The money sure isn't going to insinuate a guy like Jordan who has cash that doesn't want to fight to actually fight b/c pay is such shit. He might think twice if some of these promoters quit hogging all cash. Pay the lower tier guys more. The money in this game is so fkn top heavy, it's crap! But the chance of getting fked up for a few thousand bucks just isn't worth it to him. RISK doesn't = REWARD

Siscio site profile image  

11/4/13 2:09 AM by Siscio

GOOD!, the less hugging in MMA the betterThat guy could become a notorious thanks