Why Cain is not in running for EA Sports UFC cover


With Anderson Silva losing to Chris Weidman in July, the list of fighters that might grace the cover of EA Sports' first UFC game shrank to two - UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre or UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

On Monday it was announced Jones made the cut. However, a second fighter will appear on the cover, and Metro PCS sponsored a weekly single elim tournament to whittle the 16 down to 1 between now and Dec 1:
Jose Aldo
Michael Bisping
Daniel Cormier
Dominick Cruz
Urijah Faber
Alexander Gustafsson
Benson Henderson
Johny Hendricks
Demetrious Johnson
Ronda Rousey
Junior dos Santos
Chael Sonnen
Georges St-Pierre
Miesha Tate
Chris Weidman


However, mysteriously, one name that is not on the list of contenders is UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez. UFC president Dana White explains that as heavyweight champion, he didn't think he needed to be voted onto the cover, and failed  to come to terms with video game developer Electronic Arts.

"I just think that Cain felt he's the heavyweight champion and he doesn't want to be in a vote to see if he should be on the cover," said White during a conference call Tuesday.

"I can't blame him for that," he added.

What do you think UG, should the badest man on the planet have been a natural for the cover?

The official retail cover with both fighters on it will be unveiled December 28 at UFC 168. “EA Sports UFC” will launch on Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 in spring 2014.

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-D0DG3R D0GG13- site profile image  

11/8/13 6:58 AM by -D0DG3R D0GG13-


time traveling 12er site profile image  

11/8/13 6:12 AM by time traveling 12er

Yeah it must be the tattoo.  It's not like they could just take a picture where you can't see the tattoo or something... that would be impossible!  Or they could just use an image from the shoulders up... where you can seen only parts of the tattoo.  Or they could just have him wearing a shirt.  No... none of these things are possible.  They just said, fuck it we're too dumb to come up with a solution so we're just not going to put him on the cover and come up with a lie. Personally if the tattoo is involved the more likely scenario was the UFC told him they were going to cover his tattoo like they did for brock's cover and they Cain said no.  I don't see them dropping him over a problem that's so easily solved.  Or maybe this is all true and Cain just didn't want to be involved in the vote.  Or maybe Cain realized he wasn't getting paid extra for this since it was already in his contract so he opted out of this extra thing.

lolzz site profile image  

11/8/13 3:38 AM by lolzz

ya id love to agree with you but u definitely wouldnt want "white pride" tattoo in a lot of areas

pradom site profile image  

11/7/13 11:49 PM by pradom


UGCTT_EnderTL site profile image  

11/7/13 1:15 PM by UGCTT_EnderTL

I agree with both of your sentiments. The shutting up parts, that is.

HeHitsMeBecauseHeLovesMe site profile image  

11/7/13 1:10 PM by HeHitsMeBecauseHeLovesMe

Please show me any other thread where I've even discussed Cain's tattoo. Or you could just continue to completely make shit up. Until then, please go fuck yourself.

CapnKindBud site profile image  

11/7/13 7:20 AM by CapnKindBud

Someone already did...with a one punch KO on the biggest show in MMA history.And Cain took it with class and grace. Then he went quietly went into training, only to come out and destroy everyone in front of him since, including twice destroying the guy who KO'd him.So what is Cain getting beat gonna do for you. He will take it like a champ and come back stronger!Cain is what a true champion should be.

Tolstolobic site profile image  

11/7/13 6:49 AM by Tolstolobic

I think that that would be most obvious choice to pick champions on the cover and that's how Cain sees it

john joe site profile image  

11/7/13 6:43 AM by john joe

it will 100% be Jones and Rousey no other pairing makes sense in terms of the game's cover dynamic and shelf-lifeunless the guys at Anonymous get together and make a huge push for Demetrious Johnson and EA/UFC think its legit and representative of market want

Calebcb site profile image  

11/7/13 5:53 AM by Calebcb

There is definitely precedence for Cain feeling this way. Dana alludes to it himself and says he doesn't blame him for how he feels, though it does seem out of character for the usually humble Cain to say that and seems more like spin from Dana. In the glory days of boxing, being the heavyweight champ was the most prestigious title in all of sports. In the original olympics during the days of ancient Greece, combat sports were known as "the heavy events" because there were no weight classes and the bigger guys dominated. It's only with the invention of weight classes that all these light fighters can be in a position to gain greater recognition than the heavyweights. Cain is the best fighter in the world. Pound for pound be damned. Throw them all in a cage and he'd be tossing midgets around until only he's left.Now if both spots on the cover had to be voted in it wouldn't be as bad, but the LHW champ Jon Jones got a free ticket in. The guy that many criticize for cutting weight and using his size advantage to pick on the smaller guys gets the automatic spot instead of the champ from the weight class that Jones is running away from? If you're the HW champ, you might feel like the promotion doesn't hold you and your weight class in the same regard that it was due historically and feel a bit slighted.