Melendez: Diego a little silly, delusional and weird, and easy money


At UFC 166 last month, Gilbert Melendez beat Diego Sanchez in one of the best fights anyone has ever seen. The decision was unanimous, but Sanchez started a campaign for a rematch with the premised that the fight was really a draw.

In an interview with Fight! magazine, Melendez indicated that would be happy to fight Sanchez again, but that the draw talk veers somewhere between the delusional, the silly, and the weird.

"I feel like I won every freakin round," said Melendez. "I feel like he got hit a lot. If he's saying that it was a draw. I think he's a little delusional in that. You gotta say what you gotta say when you lose, to keep yourself in the right mentality, and feel like you're still relevant, to campaign for yourself.

"I could have went two more rounds. You know what I mean? I felt like I was on to something. A lot of times he's the guy that fires away and gets tired and I start attacking. They got a lot of timeouts for him. They weren't going to stop it in the third round, there was no reason to call timeouts. I could go on and say how I feel, but I'm just happy I won. I feel I won every round. I think he is a little silly for saying that but he's a weird guy. Sometimes he's complimenting and sometimes he's disrespectful, and I don't think he even knows it."

"It seemed like Dana loved it. He was just 'Diego, Diego, Diego.' I was waiting for my compliments and it was 'Diego.' I think it is something they do want to see. They're talking 'World War, lets do it in Mexico City.' To be honest, that's easy money. That was pretty good for me. If he thinks it was competitive I'll be more than happy to bust him up again.

"But let's not get it confused, my goal is to get the title as soon as possible. I want who's next, either Josh Thomson or Anthony Pettis."


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GodSaveTheReem site profile image  

11/9/13 5:05 AM by GodSaveTheReem

In the interviews leading up to the fight I thought he sounded kind of slurred...

Roy Batty site profile image  

11/9/13 4:39 AM by Roy Batty

This. He was getting worked, but went out on his shield and almost stopped Gil in the 3rd. Pure warrior soul, that display of heart was unforgettable.

Megatherium site profile image  

11/8/13 11:37 PM by Megatherium

That's a good question. Pugilistic dementia seems to be knocking at Diego's door.

Megatherium site profile image  

11/8/13 11:35 PM by Megatherium

Dana digs the severe brain trauma!

danggook site profile image  

11/8/13 5:59 PM by danggook

I wonder how brain damaged Diego is going to be when its all said and done

pidgey site profile image  

11/8/13 5:47 PM by pidgey

Gil is right, he beat Sanchez's ass from pillar to post, a rematch at this point is silly, Gil must fight for the title, his fight with Benson was very controversial and it could have warranted an immediate rematch, but there are so many contenders now and the UFC couldnt set up a rematch so soon, with Pettis and all the other top guys on win streaks.If you look close to the exchanges, you see Gil nailing Sanchez with every shot and dodging almost everything, only thing Sanchez had was that uppercut in the third.There are many other fun fights for Sanchez anyway, were maybe he even has a chance to win.

D241 site profile image  

11/8/13 5:46 PM by D241

Was Boetsch clearly the better man at the start of the 3rd round? Was Mike Russow clearly the better fighter beginning of the 3rd? Was Anderson clearly the better fighter against Chael the first 22 minutes of their fight?   Yet a crazy, coming forward ready to war Diego, doesn't get the same benifit of the doubt as the above guys.   Why?  Because time ran out?  That's bs and I think if you guys give it some thought, you'll see where I'm coming from.   In the end I'm glad Gilbert won b/c I bet on him, but I cannot say for sure that Diego was done and had zero chance of winning that fight had it gone longer.

Wasa-B site profile image  

11/8/13 5:41 PM by Wasa-B

Gil was the better man in clear view.

Wasa-B site profile image  

11/8/13 5:38 PM by Wasa-B

It was 29-28 at the very, very best for Diego and that's 2 rounds Diego got dominated and only arguably won that 3rd round where Gil pretty much won around 80-90% of save for getting dropped. Gil is a cool guy, he hardly ever speaks non-sense, Diego is warrior but we know he is in fact a bit fuzzy.

MattyECB site profile image  

11/8/13 5:35 PM by MattyECB

People forget 10-point must is modified for MMA. A KD no longer means an automatic 10-8 and although I need to rewatch the fight, I remember Gil winning that whole round besides the amazing shot that almost put him away