White: Rousey the only reason women in the UFC


UFC President Dana White was always against women fighting in the UFC, that was until he met Ronda Rousey. At the post-fight media scrum for UFN 32, White expanded on how Rousey was the factor that changed his mind:

It's not the way she portrayed herself; it's who she is. It's why women fight in the UFC, because of her. I could care less if you don't like her or you like her. It doesn't matter to me. She's the world champion, she's badass, and she goes out to win. We were talking about it when we were flying here on the plane. One of our financial guys was basically asking if the women's division would have got started without [Ronda Rousey]. I said, "We wouldn't have done it without Ronda. I wouldn't have even done it without Ronda. You could line up all the greatest girls on earth from here to f**king Pluto. And she's the one that when I met her, I said this chick is insanely competitive and just a different animal. She's what it took to get women in the UFC. Hate her or not, the reason all these girls fight in the UFC is because of her. 

In the beginning everyone said I had a crush on Ronda Rousey. Are you f**king serious? Yeah, I had a crush on her, so I started women's MMA in the UFC (sarcasm). Gina Carano was hot too, you didn't see me bringing her into the UFC. Ronda Rousey is a different animal. She's a different animal, I'm telling you. And I know her a lot better than all of you do. 

The thing is, with her and Miesha, she hates Miesha Tate. When she and Cat Zingano were gonna be the coaches, you heard them talk on the podium, the mutual respect. She hates Miesha Tate. Hates her. And anyone who's ever hated somebody before knows how that feels. I've hated a few people in my life so I know how that feels. Yes, when you hate somebody, you might stoop low and do some things that make you look like a jackass. But, oh well.

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kingkoopa site profile image  

11/11/13 8:12 PM by kingkoopa

As long as the fight culture changes back too

SonOfThePeepHole site profile image  

11/11/13 8:05 PM by SonOfThePeepHole

I couldn't give a damn about any chicks fight other than rouseys

D00M site profile image  

11/11/13 7:09 PM by D00M


crowbar site profile image  

11/11/13 6:57 PM by crowbar

I don`t know who loves Ronda more.Dana or Underground Blog.

RampageFitsLikeAGlove site profile image  

11/11/13 6:35 PM by RampageFitsLikeAGlove

Ha...you guys think Frankie or Uriah get a lot of title shots?  Well, wait until Ronda starts losing.  We haven't seen anything yet.  She will undoubtedly get an immediate rematch and will prob never be more than 1 fight from a rematch.  Watch her lose 3 times to one opponent and Dana will suddendly think it's a good idea to start the 145lb division and give her a 25-30 ranked opponent as the inaugural title bout.  It's going to be pathetic. Sure Dana...you don't have a crush on her at all.  It's embarassing to see him around her.  He's like that dorky high schooler who doesn't know how to act around her.   "Hey Ronda....check out my new Ronda tshirt!!"

bazza76 site profile image  

11/11/13 6:26 PM by bazza76

Tate was doing quite well against Zingano I thought. Was a very even fight. If Zangano can put Housey down?

MMAtador site profile image  

11/11/13 6:25 PM by MMAtador

Shut up about Ronda allready Dana. We get it allready no woman's mma without her.

Choochy site profile image  

11/11/13 6:22 PM by Choochy

Not arguing the quality one bit. It's the amount of it. I'll watch almost anything but lots of the casual PPV buyers will just say, I'll catch the next one or a free one because there's so much of it.When I said watered down I meant name wise but the next 2-3 UFC cards are loaded with GSP, Anderson, etc so we're in for a good time until the new year.

Zed Wayne Zed site profile image  

11/11/13 6:21 PM by Zed Wayne Zed

It has nothing to do with the quality of the athletes.The Vitor card this weekend was amazing.It's the fact that it's not special any more.The average consumer has passed on.And the fighters are going to make less down the line.No more Affliction-types are going to come along imo and give guys giant deals.The oversaturation means good fighters will have to do great things before they get a chance to make good money. Dig?

TheRaider site profile image  

11/11/13 6:19 PM by TheRaider

Why does the time say this was posted 5 hours ago, but the news is a year old? You trolling me?