Jon Jones jokes: I'd kill Incognito, easily!


Jon Jones was interviewed recently by The Sports Junkies, the morning drive time radio show aired at at 106.7 in the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan. Jones was asked about Richie Incognito, and said he was not familar with media furor around the suspended Miami Dolphins offensive lineman. Jones knows though, that he can kick his ass.

“He’s just this big meathead,” said host John-Paul "JP" Flaim, described Incognito. “Probably 6’3, 6’4, 340. So if it’s Richie Incognito against Jon Jones, what’s gonna happen?”

Jones, amused, did not hesitate.

“I’d kill him,” said Bones. “Someone tweet him, let him know I’d smoke him. Easy.”

Jones then bantered with The Junkies.

Eric "EB" Bickel: Because why, you’d just get him down. That’s all it takes?

JP: He’s not gonna catch you.

Jason William “Lurch” Bishop: Because he has SKILLS. He’s a trained killer.

Jones: Yes (laughing)

EB: No, I understand. I understand you’re a trained killer.

Jones: I’m not a killer, I’ve never killed anyone.

EB: I know. I know. No, but Jon, can you please just beat his ass though? Because he’s obviously a bully, like who cares if he bullied Martin.

John Martin “Cakes” Auville: He’ll go to jail!

EB: No, no, no. He’s a douche bag.

Jones: Is he?

EB: And he’s just a guy that needs to get his ass beat. Can you please just do us all a favor and do it?

Jones: You know what? It would be my honor.

EB: Can you just do it? What would you do?

Jones: I’m gonna start threatening him on Twitter today.

EB: Yea, yea, yes!

Listen to entire interview...

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51Third site profile image  

11/14/13 12:53 PM by 51Third

Actually he does or has done MMA training with Jay Glazer, most likely at Extreme Couture in LA where Jay has trained many NFL players over the years.Does that mean he is a certified badass, no, but he would at least have a "punchers chance" if he got in close enough. link to what the training is about.If anyone has ever heard of the Day In The Life Of site, they did one on Richie a while back. Nothing serious.

MattBenwa site profile image  

11/14/13 12:10 PM by MattBenwa

RI is a worthless piece of shit - I have no problem if he loses his football job permanently.

MMA Monkey site profile image  

11/14/13 12:05 PM by MMA Monkey

damn you, that was hilarious.

Dan Pagan site profile image  

11/14/13 11:57 AM by Dan Pagan

Incognito would not even know enough to keep his hands up or assume any kind of fighting stance.The bull rush is over rated.

WoodenPupa site profile image  

11/14/13 1:33 AM by WoodenPupa

I took the thread title to mean Jones would not hesitate to become an assassin, if given the opportunity. Very misleading.

ausgepicht site profile image  

11/14/13 1:05 AM by ausgepicht

Aw, did someone get butthurt for being proven wrong on the internet? Why don't you roll a saving throw, you dungeon master? Here, have a hug: *hugs*

willienugget site profile image  

11/14/13 12:58 AM by willienugget

Next time just post my join date and move on cocksucker.

willienugget site profile image  

11/14/13 12:57 AM by willienugget

Oh I definitely conveniently left that shit out. I'd go with a mix of all of the above. Fuck you for noticing.

DoomFarmer site profile image  

11/14/13 12:33 AM by DoomFarmer

But can he beat a game pit?