Hendricks wants GSP's eyes to roll back in his head


During Johny Hendricks media scrum on Wednesday, the welterweight got into it with a Canadian reporter over VADA/WADA drug testing. Hendricks was asked pointedly why he would not submit to Voluntary Anti-Doping Association testing.

When the fight was first announced this Summer, GSP's camp asked Hendricks if he would participate in pre fight drug testing,. Hendricks agreed, and in good humor.

"Heck ya," said Hendricks in an interview with UFC Central Radio on Sportsnet 590 The Fan back in July. "The worst thing that they're going to find is a little bit of protein in my diet. If eating wild hogs and organic deer meat and a little bit of glutamine is bad for the ol' system, then I might fail."

However, Hendrick's manager Ted Ehrhardt later spoke to Bloody Elbow and said that the Hendricks camp was willing to submit to World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) testing, but that the VADA testing raised red flags.

"GSP asked if we would drug test," said Ehrhardt. "He didn't say VADA or anything else at first, he just asked for drug testing and Johny said, 'Of course I'll drug test.' Then he said VADA, and then it came to us that VADA is giving the testing to him for free."

"Somehow he has a relationship with VADA. I don't know to what degree, but that made us a little nervous and since we don't work for GSP, we work for the UFC, and we're fighting in Nevada, so they're the commission, we talked to both of them. We did a conference call with GSP's manager and trainer, the Nevada commission, UFC representative and myself, and we talked about him wanting us to do VADA."

The Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) suggested using the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) to conduct the testing, and apparently all parties initially agreed.

"A week later, GSP's attorney asked 15 or 20 questions about how WADA is going to test for this and that, how are they going to move the tests, how are they going to do this, a ton of questions," said Ehrhardt. "He wanted to have predetermined times. It's not random if you know when they're coming. He had questions about what they test for, and that's another red flag. Why do you care what they test for, if you're clean, you're clean? We didn't ask one question. We were just ready to test WADA, that's what we wanted to do, and he didn't want to."

NSAC Executive Director Keith Kizer offered further details, in an interview with MMAJunkie.

"They were asking, 'Well, what do you test for?' My answer is always the same: We test for prohibited substances as listed on the WADA list," said Kizer. "(They said), 'Well, what does that mean? Does that mean HGH, does that mean this, does that mean that?' Yes, it means it all. The answer then should have been, 'OK.'"

"Basically, they said we want to know all the tests you do so Georges' medical advisors can vet the test first before we decide.

"I said, 'I will take that as a no. We will let you know if we're going to do any testing on our own. Goodbye.'"

"(GSP's Attorney) actually had the gall – this Rodolphe (Beaulieu) guy – (to say), 'Well, no, that's not what we meant. We're happy to do it once we get this additional information, but I'm going to be done for the next seven days, and I'm unavailable via cell phone or email.' It's like, whatever dude. It was so ridiculous. But I don't hold any of that against Georges St-Pierre. As far as I know, he doesn't even know about these things."

"I don't know if it's just his people being overly aggressive, or trying to act as agents of VADA – I have no clue, and I don't care. But when an athlete's representative is basically saying, 'Well, he's interested in perhaps doing enhanced testing, but we need to know – and more importantly, his medical advisors need to know – all the ins and outs of the testing before he'll agree to it,' that's a no. That's a refusal, and that's fine."

GSP eventually went through with VADA testing on his own. And posted the results on social networks.

When the reporter asked Hendricks why he, too, would not do VADA testing, the #1 contender raised his voice.

"Like I said before, he picked the wrong guy," said Hendricks. "He picked the wrong guy to do a drug test. Why didn't he do a drug test six years ago? The last six fights, for the last six years, he hasn't done one."

"Why won't I do it? Because he's on VADA. VADA - his face is all over the front page."

The reporter then interjected. "But they do it for everybody."

A smiling Hendricks answered quickly.

"Hey, if me and you were going for a job interview and this job interview's going to pay millions of dollars, and I say 'I got somebody that's going to drug test,' are you going to go to it??!? If you do, you're a moron."

"I'm not going to lay my life into his hands. I said WADA. WADA is so much tougher to pass. AND they don't do drug tests where he ‘randomly' gets tested the first time a camera is around. No. WADA, you're scheduled for three to four months, and they have to know exactly where you're at. And if you don't show up within an hour of when they call you, you fail. And changes, you have to give them a three day notice. It is so much harder to pass. And they test for stuff that VADA doesn't.

"I don't care if he passes. I don't care if he took the drug test. I want him to be the best GSP he can be. If that's on something, that's on something. If that's not, it's not. I'm not sweating."

Another reporter asked Hendricks if he thought GSP was using PEDs.

"I don't care," said Hendricks. "Have you seen him in the last two months? He's shrank a little bit, hasn't he? Hunh? Hunh? No, realistically, I don't know. I haven't seen the guy. I saw him on the press tour. The only thing I know is that when I step into the Octagon, do I still have a six-pack? Check out my pictures. I'm fat. But I love it. I'm a fat dude. Nobody gains 15 pounds. I'm pretty shredded at 170. I have very little body fat... But whenever I step into the Octagon, I looked at a picture when I was in with Condit, I said ‘dude, you're fat.' You can't see the bottom two abs. I step into the Octagon around 195-200. That's the thing, you don't gain 15-20 pounds and still keep that form. Everybody bloats a little bit.

The reporter who first raised Hendricks' ire then raised the ante, not asking a question, but rather stating that Hendricks did not seen to have much respect GSP. The response was fast and long.

"What I don't have respect for is implying that I'm on steroids when he knows nothing about me," said Hendricks. "Has anyone accused me of steroids? Has anyone accused me of being on growth. Hell no... I've been clean my whole entire life. And here all of a sudden, some dude who doesn't know me - he's been accused the last six years of being on something - he picks me and says I must be on something because I don't want to follow the Pony train to VADA. Get out of here."

"If he needs that to beat me, I got beat by the drug. I don't needs drugs to win. I've proven that. If I can't be champ without drugs, I'll never revert to drugs to be champ."

"I can't wait to deck the crap out of him. I want his eyes to roll back in his head. That's my goal.""

"You're about to retire. He knows that. The last six years, he's been accused. Right? It's accusations right? Word of mouth is very powerful. He knows that, I know that. If I sit there and I know, if I win this belt, I will definitely go to WADA, becauseHell  I can afford it."

"If we're going to drug test, let's do the hardest, toughest drug testing out there. That's WADA. In WADA they do everything. They hold your sample for twelve years. If any new testing comes out, in that testing, they retest it. If you fail, then obviously you're dirty."

"If you want to be on it, be on it. If you don't, who cares? Don't drag my name through the mud because the last six years you were scared to do it."

(5:45 mark)

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11/15/13 7:35 PM by Leghound

Everytime Johny talks my eyes roll back in my head

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11/14/13 11:01 AM by Derick

Don't forget the 'out striking' was backing up and throwing kicks to keep Johnny away. Wasn't meant to finish the fight or scorePoints

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11/14/13 10:46 AM by ChaosOverkill

Yeah he is really talking himself in circles

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11/14/13 10:45 AM by sacredhate

that's why i think his logic is funny.he implies GSP being guilty because he's been accussed...and doesn't trust GSP because GSP is willing to pay he's chosen org to do the testing.then he says he will pay and choose an org to do testing when he's champ.really should just let primetime show do the talking for him...i actually liked him more after watching the show...now I feel like it was a penn and teller act.

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11/14/13 10:45 AM by sacredhate

^oh yeah, and as of now, he's also being accused.

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So is he gonna pay for his opponents to do WADA too  who are like him now and don't have the money?

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i think he answered that...it's expensive but once he's champ he'll have the money to do it.

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I don't get it, why hasn't Johnny been pushing WADA on all of his opponents then?

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I think it's funny that he says GSP has been accussed for six years so that's a lot of smoke.because as of right now...he's got a credible, trustworthy, respectable champion accusing him.If he wins, maybe even if he doesn't, he could find that he will be accused of it for the remainder of his career.

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11/14/13 10:12 AM by crazydave

johnny is going to get a broken orbital just like kos.