GSP recalls being scared by Mark Coleman before UFC debut


Long before a fighter becomes a UFC champion, he starts like every other fighter in the promotion, making his UFC debut. Like most debuting fighters, St-Pierre was nervous before his fight, and add to that an intense moment with one the heavyweight division's most feared ground and pounders:

“I was so nervous,” he said today at a pre-event press conference for the pay-per-view event, which takes place at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. “I was fighting Karo Parisyan, so I was fighting on the prelims. They put us in a little locker room, maybe half of the (size of a) mat. I was with three guys, and when we got into the room, it was very long, but it was very narrow. We didn’t have enough space to work out, so I decided to take all the chairs and throw them out of the room, and still it was very tiny.

“So I was not working out. I was waiting for the time to get ready. And all of a sudden, I heard a noise in the hallway like a third world war was breaking out, and guess who got into the room? It was Wes Sims, Kevin Randelman and Mark Coleman, two of my idols, Goldberg, and Ricco Rodriguez. So we didn’t have enough space with those giants. I was like, ‘Oh my god.’ I couldn’t speak English; I was very intimidated. It was my first time in the UFC.

Mark Coleman goes, ‘Who are you?’ And I’m like, ‘Hi, I’m Georges St-Pierre.’ He goes, ‘Who are you going up against? (I said), ‘Karo Parisyan?’ He goes, ‘You a wrestler?’ I said, ‘Yeah, I wrestle.’

“He goes, ‘Yeah! I’m rooting for you!’ And then pandemonium broke out in the locker room. I was so agitated. I was scared. When the time came for me to warm up, and these guys were screaming at me. I didn’t understand what they said, but there were a lot of f-words. I couldn’t speak English, so I tried to let it motivate me. But they were scaring me.

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youarewhatiswrong site profile image  

11/14/13 7:06 PM by youarewhatiswrong

lol @ "they were trying to motivate me but they were scaring me instead"

donkypunch55 site profile image  

11/14/13 3:21 PM by donkypunch55

Well said

SHOOTMedia site profile image  

11/14/13 1:07 PM by SHOOTMedia

An in-depth look at Johny Hendricks,,,his family, heros, hobbies, unusual training methods, views on GSP and more.

Sprawl'n'Stall site profile image  

11/14/13 11:55 AM by Sprawl'n'Stall

Ha ha. Amazing story. GSP is quite the storyteller, it's like we can really understand and feel what that was like. Must have been quite the sight indeed.I'm always impressed by his performance (ha!) when he tells these stories cause it's like he hasn't changed at all, he is still the impressionable kid, humble and willing to learn. Even after all those years as the Champ. It tells a lot about his success.By all account he's most zen and calm than before any previous fights. Weightcut must be easy this time, and maybe those retirement rumors are true. This is was not a canned response.

0superdave0 site profile image  

11/14/13 10:10 AM by 0superdave0

Holy fucking lurker batman.

CapnKindBud site profile image  

11/14/13 10:06 AM by CapnKindBud

I was at a local show in Toledo Ohio many years ago. It was right after Coleman won the Pride Grand Prix and he was there with the belt . He was sitting at a table and Royce was also there. I went up and said hello and congrats on representing the US over there and kicking Igors ass. He was mellow and said thanks.Some young dudes were sitting behind him and started trying to get Coleman to drink a shot. Coleman kept nicely saying no thanks but these idiots kept egging him on to the point where it was annoying him.Then one of the guys who were with Coleman says "Are you idiots for real? He said NO! Now if he starts slamming shots and feels like pounding someone's face, I'll point him at you assholes!"I've never seen a bunch of cocky smiles turn into the "I just shit my pants" look!Real funny. Coleman even laughed !

ranier wolfcastle site profile image  

11/14/13 9:45 AM by ranier wolfcastle

GSP talks of his first UFC fight and gary Coleman

NAAFS site profile image  

11/14/13 9:36 AM by NAAFS

Coleman and Wes are good guys. The old hammer house events they held back in the day were usually pretty insane. Could always count on something out of the norm going down. Miss those days

MursSkullForBarnettsThrone site profile image  

11/14/13 9:28 AM by MursSkullForBarnettsThrone


EckY site profile image  

11/14/13 9:21 AM by EckY

Technically there were only ever 2 HW champs in PRIDE, Nog and Fedor, Coleman was the 2000 Open Weight Grand Prix Champ.