Top 20 controversies in UFC history


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Now FOX Sports has came up with a list of the 20 most controversial moments in UFC history.

#20: Couture minus Couture
Couture signs with Viacom, barred from UFC, can't corner son Ryan.

#19: AKA gets dumped
AKA refuses to join other fighters in signing videogame licensing agreement. UFC cuts ties with camp. Everyone makes up.

#18: Score one for the champ
Jones scores controversial win over Gustafsson. FightMetric live stats feed showing Gustafsson 191-120 changes to 137-114 in Jones’ favor.

#17: Superman’s Speedo
Dennis Hallman loses loser wears speedos bet before UFC 133.

#16: Condit-Diaz scoring
Diaz moves forward, Condit fights methodically, judges score it for Condit, unanimously.

#15: Palhares goes heel
At UFC Fight Night: Maia vs. Shields, Palhares holds one heel hook to many, vs. Mike Pierce, and is banned for life within 24 hours of the infraction.

#14: Greasegate
At UFC 94 BJ Penn had complained about St-Pierre being slippery, and afterward, filed an official complaint with the Nevada state athletic commission to investigate the matter.

#13: Suckerpunch
At UFC 113 Paul Daley got frustrated with Josh Koscheck, and started a fight when the fight was over. Daley loses UFC contract.

#12: Bisping’s Brit spit
Jorge Rivera gleefully multi media trash talks Michael Bisping at UFC 127. The Count hits a downed Rivera with an illegal knee, and after winning reportedly spits on Rivera's corner.

#11: Machida-Rua I
Machida was the UFC champion having never lost a round. This fight Machida lost two, or some say three, but retained his title. Controversial judge remarks that leg kicks don't end fights.

#10: Anderson Silva’s Abu Dance
Silva upset with Maia at UFC 112, taunts with calls of "playboy," won't engage. White refuses to put Silva's belt on him, threatens cut if it happens again.

#9: Sen. John McCain’s offensive
"Human cock fighting."

#8: Babalu chokes out his own career
Babalu bloodies David Heath at UFC 74, taps him with choke, and won't let go. Sobral let go by UFC.

#7: Ranked, but fired
Jon Fitch ranked top-10 in world, cut by UFC after a 1-2-1 run.

#6: The Running Man
Nate Quarry fights, Kalib Starns doesn't at UFC 83.

#5: “The Double-Tap”
Murilo Bustamante defends UFC title, taps Matt Lindland. Lindland says he didn't tap, fight goes on, Lindland taps.

#4: Randy Couture quits
Couture wants Fedor fight, quits UFC, loses court ruling, re signs with UFC.

#3: UFC 151 canceled
Henderson hurt, Jones won't take Chael Sonnen replacement, card cancelled, or as Dana White phrased it, "murdered."

#2: UFC 12 gets the boot
New York bans MMA, whole show moved on a 747 to Dothan, Alabama. MMA still banned in NY.

#1: 209 gets 86’d
Diaz no shows media duties for world title fight, pulled from card. When pair finally fight, Diaz never fights again (so far).

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What do you think UG? Anything controversial that get left of the list? And what do you think of the order?

Please note, anyone holding an opinion alternate to yours is incrediby stupid, probably never had a girlfriend or even held a girl's hand most probably, and should be reminded of such.

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11/16/13 1:19 PM by McNutt


mm370 site profile image  

11/16/13 11:01 AM by mm370


TDogg926 site profile image  

11/16/13 10:32 AM by TDogg926

Saying Fitch being cut is more controversial than what McCain said is a joke. That had a very huge affect on how people viewed the UFC when it was struggling badly. Everyone got over Fitch in about 3 days and now he's in another organization. Not even close imo.

FETT_ Cains._Burrito_In_My_BrownEye site profile image  

11/16/13 9:05 AM by FETT_ Cains._Burrito_In_My_BrownEye

It means as the fight was happening and being scored they had the true striking stats posted....then later changed them to the latter stats for some odd reason....

wiggum site profile image  

11/16/13 3:35 AM by wiggum

Greasegate should be higher, IMO. Facing his greatest challenger ever - a guy who arguably beat them the last time they fought - GSP cheated. The biggest controversy ever by far would have been if Chael beat Anderson and then failed the drug test.

FreightTrain site profile image  

11/16/13 1:34 AM by FreightTrain

How about the UFC no longer allowing GIFs of the fights...

quality site profile image  

11/16/13 12:12 AM by quality

What does this mean in Ingrish? Does that mean Gustafsson threw 191 punches vs 131 and 120 kicks vs 114 kicks? I don't unnastan what does nummas mean?

Galanis site profile image  

11/15/13 11:35 PM by Galanis

Sylvia failing a drug test was a HUGE deal at the time. Brock's post fight antics against Mir at 100 and the way he rode Herring's back were also endlessly talked about.

Golden Boy site profile image  

11/15/13 10:46 PM by Golden Boy

I scooped most of those stories on this site. I'd include the Tim Silvia failing a drug test.

Ramone8 site profile image  

11/15/13 10:38 PM by Ramone8

I would say TRT in general has been among the biggest controversies (at least on here) for quite a while.