White: Why Hendricks deserves immediate rematch, Gustafsson didn't


At UFC 165, long time dominant champion Jon Jones won a controversial decision over ferocious challenger Alexander Gustafsson. It appeared that an immediate rematch was in the making. However, Jones ended up scheduled to fight Glover Teixeira, not Gustafsson again.

At UFC 167 long time dominant champion George St-Pierre won an extremely controversial decision over extremely ferocious challenger Johny Hnendricks. It appears that an immediate rematch is in the making, and at the post fight press conference, UFC president Dana White explained the difference.

"The situation was different with that one because Jon said, 'I already beat him. Now I want to fight Glover Teixeira.' He goes, 'I'll give him the rematch after.' Jon had this plan where he wanted to beat another contender and then he'd do the rematch," related White, as transcribed by MMAFighting. "I respected that. Who's Georges going to fight?"

"Who would be next?"

"I wanna fight who? He already fought Condit. Johny deserves this rematch. Every fight is different. You can't look at other situations and go, 'but in this fight...' Every fight is different. Johny Hendricks deserves this rematch."

What do you think UG? Does Hendricks deserve an immediate rematch? Do you think he will get it? And if he doesn't get it, who would GSP fight? Lawler? Askren??!?


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promoter site profile image  

11/19/13 4:10 PM by promoter

I agree a rematch is called for... but do think Lawler has moved to the front of the line. Dana was talking how a win by MacDonald put him into the title shot, so beating him has to put Lawler at or near the top.

promoter site profile image  

11/19/13 4:10 PM by promoter

Double post

MagSlim site profile image  

11/19/13 12:22 PM by MagSlim

I don't know how old you are in real life but you clearly not grown up enough to realize that Dana was acting like a child and GSP was the one acting like an adult.You are defending the actions of a spoiled child who shit on the emotional comments from a respectful champion.But again, I'm the immature asshole here. Keep telling yourself that buddy.And btw, I'm a grown ass man and I would feel totally comfortable in a Boxercise match with Dana. I'm normally a pacifist and it's actually been quite a while since I open-hand slapped a man in the face, but in this situation it might be defensible.

Doem site profile image  

11/18/13 7:53 PM by Doem

this is basically double speak for "I have a big mouth, and, disregarding that, I ultimately decide what is a robbery and what is not"

iwatchsomemma site profile image  

11/18/13 7:48 PM by iwatchsomemma

It was a close fight that could have gone either way, especially in R1.GSP's face was basically mauled in JH's rounds of 2 and 4.3 and 5 belonged to GSP due to more activity and the like.That is a definition of a close fight, not a controversy.And DFW should just be quiet for a while, maybe become a judge or something.

tenchu site profile image  

11/18/13 6:29 PM by tenchu

A rematch is definitely warranted with this close and controversial decision.

mongo54 site profile image  

11/18/13 6:06 PM by mongo54

yes, you are cunty because you are a zit faced 15 yr old who wouldn't slap anyone

JerodR site profile image  

11/18/13 5:59 PM by JerodR

So is that why Dana is treating GSP like crap? Because he doesn't have any match ups for GSP... Give GSP a year or so. There are plenty of fights at WW to make and worse case scenario do an interm title.

Emperor Nero site profile image  

11/18/13 4:31 PM by Emperor Nero

also nobody should gives a fuck what anyone thinks, maybe this is whats shitty about the american crowd. nobody gives a fuck who you think won, or if you liked the fight or not. shut the fuck up. go be respectful and cheer the fight and cheer the winner. both fighters deserve congratulations. these american fans are like spoiled fucking babies. of course the money maker wants to play to the cheering fans, every time. to the real fighter these factors are not important. the real fans can watch the fight and know whats up.

Emperor Nero site profile image  

11/18/13 4:28 PM by Emperor Nero

DW would rather replay clips of GSP getting ko'd to promote their next fighter than have him retire respectfully undefeated. GSP and his team should take a look at things and decide what they think is best for them without any UFC or promotional input, At all.