GSP boxing coach: Hendricks 'doesn't know anything'


Yahoo! Sports Kevin Iole spoke recently with Freddie Roach, sometimes boxing trainer for UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre. Roach related to Iole that he "pretty much came up with the game plan" that GSP used to win controversial split decision win over Johny Hendricks on Saturday night. The game plan was for St-Pierre to use a jab and an inside hook to shut down Hendricks left

Further, Roach said that GSP wants him in his corner for the next fight, and that schedule permitting, he would love to be there.

"[GSP] said, 'I'm not going to fight again unless you are in my corner,'" said Roach.

"This guy [Hendricks], he doesn't know anything, he just punches good with a big left hand. Pretty much with him, if you can stay away from that and nullify that, it's not that tough of a fight. Georges did it, and he had success with it when he did, but he didn't do it enough in the fight."

Roach's comments must be read within context. That is, Roach is not saying Hendricks knows nothing about MMA, but rather that in his opinion, Hendricks' boxing skills are limited, albeit potentially dangerous.

What do you think UG? If you can side step Hendricks' big left hand, is Johny Hendricks not that tough of a fight?

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CaptChaos site profile image  

11/20/13 11:44 AM by CaptChaos

GSP was banking on Johnny getting tired in the championship rounds. Johnny never fought a 5 rounder and he has gotten tired in the 3rd round in the past. The problem was Johnny hurt GSP early so that sapped George's cardio and Johnny was well prepared. I think Johnny paced himself cause he wasn't sure how he would do in the championship rounds. Now that he knows he can hurt George, go the distance, isn't afraid of George's power, and keeps getting better with his stand up, he will be even more confidant going into the rematch. George has to be thinking... "How do I beat this guy? I can't hurt him, I can't take him down and hold him down, and he doesn't get tired." GSP is in trouble in the rematch!

Phisher site profile image  

11/20/13 9:46 AM by Phisher

Pac is a once in a generation talent. He would have excelled under the tutelage of any competent trainer. Roach has never has never developed another fighter from scatch and made him a champion, nor has he significantly improved any of the already established fighters who sought him out.

SRTGEO site profile image  

11/20/13 4:45 AM by SRTGEO

GSP's face says otherwise.

BuddyRevell site profile image  

11/19/13 9:09 PM by BuddyRevell

Roach is a great boxing coach and all, but a lot of the reasons Hendricks did so well in that fight didn't have anything to do with pure boxing technique. Johnny's ability to neutralize GSP's wrestling multiple times, the strong elbows in the first, the great trip takedown and ground and pound in the 4th, his strength against the cage, and his ability to walk through basically all of GSP's punches aren't going to be solved by Freddie being in the corner in the next fight.

MMA Lives Here site profile image  

11/19/13 8:54 PM by MMA Lives Here

lol I think poor ol Freddy thinks it's a boxing match

Phisher site profile image  

11/19/13 8:50 PM by Phisher

  What about Khan & Rigondeaux?     Yeah, what about them?   Roach sure as hell didn't make them into championship level boxers, and they both left him without his training having any palpable effect on their styles. Shit, Rigondeaux said that he wasn't even getting that much attention from Roach at Wild Card, so I have no idea why you would bring him up to prove your point.

Doem site profile image  

11/19/13 8:06 PM by Doem

what hendrix does have is a tremendous amount of power and he executes very well. you cant make any errors with him because closes distance so quickly. You telegraph or throw something while off balance hes going to take advantage. Not like other fighters,who may defend but not necessarily counter. Hes almost more of a counter guy. He waits for people to react before making his own move.

OSBtro11 site profile image  

11/19/13 8:06 PM by OSBtro11

Lol at the guy who said he " voted down " Freddy roach .

pollice_verso site profile image  

11/19/13 7:23 PM by pollice_verso

Freddie cornering GSP would be amazing. And he's right about Johny's standup, I doubt Johny would be offended by it. He knows what works for him: basic, super powerful punching, with good enough wrestling to back him up (kind of like Chuck?).He always has a puncher's chance, or a blanket's chance (as in the final portions of his Condit fight) and that's basically it.I'm amazed he's done so well, it'll make him good money for a bit and fans of brawling knockouts, but I think it won't be enough to win him the title or to stay champ if he does. Since it's not just combat, but a combat sport, one that's evolved since the days of Chuck, in my opinion you can't just be a great fighter to stand at the top and defend against a division of diverse contenders over the course of years, you have to be well-rounded and you have to be a masterful player of the game.After I heard Firas talk to GSP about the Freddie hook or whatever in the corner, I looked for it in the next round, and I did note when Georges' landed it with success, and I also noted when Georges failed to really stick to what seemed to be his gameplan and instead he would land some nice shots then shoot in for a takedown, get stuffed and hurt, ragdolled, etc.I think this fight was really 70% Hendricks vs. Unfocused GSP. In the rematch with Freddie there, and required random WADA approved testing, I think it will be 85% Hendricks vs. Focused GSP.

ChokeEmOut site profile image  

11/19/13 7:22 PM by ChokeEmOut

Hendricks sure beat the fuck out of GSP for not knowing anything.