Lawsuit by ex-GSP manager could be worth millions


Since UFC 167, news about Georges St-Pierre has been going crazy. Whether it's people discussing the controversial fight, St-Pierre's after fight comments, Dana White's subsequent comments, or the rumors floating around TMZ.

One issue that had been refuted by Shari Spencer, St-Pierre's ex-manager, may actually be an issue he is currently dealing with:

Shari Spencer, St-Pierre's former manager, has twice levied lawsuits against the fighter and his new representation after their falling out a few years ago. The first lawsuit, which was eventually voluntarily dismissed, pitted Spencer against St-Pierre's current manager Rodolphe Beaulieu, as well as trainers John Danaher and Firas Zahabi and a fourth man named Phillippe Lepage for intentional misconduct regarding interference with contract rights.

The second lawsuit filed by Spencer in Clark County, Nevada sued for losses she sustained after her partnership with St-Pierre was dissolved. Spencer was with St-Pierre when he signed many of his largest endorsement deals to date including Gatorade, Under Armour and Mission Skincare. In the motion filed, Spencer went after her former client for proceeds she was entitled to as his manager during the time when those deals were done.

According to additional court documents revealed by TMZ on Tuesday, St-Pierre lost in civil court and was forced to cut a check to Spencer for $737,066.35, which he paid earlier this year.

In addition to that lump sum that St-Pierre paid, he's also on the line for several other notable payouts to Spencer including:

20-percent of future revenue on various UFC pay-per-view fights

20-percent of royalties earned under a 2008 UFC merchandising contract

5-percent of future revenues from sponsorships she apparently helped him earn including Affliction and RUSHfit, St-Pierre's signature workout line.

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Jump Kick site profile image  

11/21/13 7:34 PM by Jump Kick

That is a fair comment, GSP himself may not have known that she wasn't getting what she deserved. Vtfu

snobordr site profile image  

11/21/13 11:35 AM by snobordr

You're inaccurate. A court of law found she hadn't received everything she was entitled to under the terms of her contract. That's far from "GSP screwed her over". For starters, reasonable minds can differ about the interpretation of contract clauses. Second, it's unlikely that it was GSP who was the one reading and interpreting the contract and cutting checks to Ms. Spencer. Most likely his business manager or attorney told his financial manager "Write a check for X to her, that's what she is owed" and Sheri called back and said "um, no, I think you owe me Y". In the end, the court agreed with her.

Jump Kick site profile image  

11/21/13 7:25 AM by Jump Kick

A court of law found that GSP screwed this woman over, this reflects very poorly on GSP. But I doubt this has anything directly to do with his post fight speech. He's loaded, paid off the settlement in a lump sum and everything else is a percentage of future earnings.

ThEUniT site profile image  

11/21/13 7:12 AM by ThEUniT

TSP has disappointed us all.

flipmode site profile image  

11/21/13 5:32 AM by flipmode

GSP is the one getting shafted in this story

California site profile image  

11/21/13 3:28 AM by California


Bucephalus site profile image  

11/21/13 3:20 AM by Bucephalus

Yeah, but does she do anal???

Jack_Bauer site profile image  

11/21/13 12:31 AM by Jack_Bauer

It's easy to always side with the fighter without knowing the facts, but if this is true I'm sure she will get paid. Basic contract law.                       Pay that woman her money

LoganClark site profile image  

11/21/13 12:09 AM by LoganClark

He would have dropped at least one name in the course of a conversation.

mwmhong site profile image  

11/20/13 10:08 PM by mwmhong

lol beat me to it