The Punk: Benson bigger threat than Pettis

by Steph Daniels |

MMASentinel and BloodyElbow's Steph Daniels recently conducted an interview with UFC lightweight contender Josh Thomson that covered his injury-ended title shot vs. Anthony Pettis, and his new fight with Benson Henderson at UFC on FOX 10 on Jan. 25.

"In our gym, we kind of train the same, five days a week," said Thomson. "The only thing I'd kind of change is I'll focus more on the things I want to do when I spar. When I'm sparring, I'm focusing on the things I need to do to win that fight. Not much really changes from the Pettis to the Henderson fight.

"For me personally, stylistically, Benson is more of a threat than Pettis was. Not to mention that this is the opportunity to fight someone that has been the champ for the last couple years. For me, I think Benson has the bigger name. Not to take anything away from Pettis, but Henderson has been more active over the last two years, so there was no way I could pass on this opportunity.

"Benson is so well rounded. Honestly, it's like I'm looking at myself in a mirror, fight-wise, just with a left handed person. He offers everything from the grappling to the wrestling, the clinch work, the takedowns; it's gonna be a tough fight. At any moment, the pace of the fight can change and go anywhere."

"I feel that with myself and with Benson, we really take the fight everywhere. Whenever an opportunity presents itself, we have the ability to seize it. I've told people before, I'm not the best in anything. I'm not the best stand-up guy, I'm not the best grappler, I'm not the best wrestler. The thing is, I have the ability to put a lot of things together and keep you guessing. Ben is the same way, and that makes both of us very dangerous."

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The Brool Story Company site profile image  

11/26/13 6:53 PM by The Brool Story Company

seeing as how Pettis would have finished Thomson within 2 Rounds, no, he's not a bigger threat.

Dominique Robinson site profile image  

11/26/13 6:52 PM by Dominique Robinson

4 his style, yes. I used 2 spar Josh daily

FixedPartialArts site profile image  

11/26/13 3:11 PM by FixedPartialArts

Didn't you also say Pettis would lose to Bendo 9 times out of 10, before he demolished him, to go 2 for 2?You have no credibility on this subject.This is why it's such a joke that mixed martial artists claim that putting them in the judge's seat would fix the scoring problems in this sport. Actually, it would get worse, because of all the biases they are prone to like certain styles and camps.

DEZBOT site profile image  

11/23/13 5:03 PM by DEZBOT

Josh ain't the smartest guy

GriffinQ site profile image  

11/23/13 4:38 PM by GriffinQ

That WEC event was not watched by a massive amount of people. Granted that the Showtime kick got airtime on Sportscenter that night and later in the year(it was one of the top plays, I believe)... But less people have seen it than you think. And it was 3 years ago. Whereas Benson has been front and center on Fox for his past two wins, while his 2nd Pettis loss was in a PPV fight that was seen by a lot less people. Benson might not have the flashy personality or potential star power that Pettis does, but he's been in front of way more eyeballs over the past few years.

ausgepicht site profile image  

11/23/13 3:40 PM by ausgepicht

And you would stlll be fat, bald, ugly, stupid with zero knowledge of MMA, KKM.  Member Since: 1/19/12 Have a nice day!

SQUEEZIE site profile image  

11/23/13 9:18 AM by SQUEEZIE

lol...every time the old timers say some dumb shit we should post their member date.

captain falcon site profile image  

11/22/13 11:50 PM by captain falcon

Frankie is still the LW champ cause he won his last LW fight

captain falcon site profile image  

11/22/13 11:49 PM by captain falcon

If you can read he said "STYLISTICALLY"

cross3dout site profile image  

11/22/13 11:45 PM by cross3dout

Hmm either way no bc Frankie waxed his ass in the rematch, and I'm a BJ fan