Hendricks: If you can't handle being champ, give it up


 When the bell rang to end the fifth round of his championship bout with Georges St-Pierre, Johny Hendricks knew he had won. He believed he had done more damage and won the three rounds required to take the title, however the judges did not agree and St-Pierre was awarded a split decision win. And then St-Pierre told everyone that he was stepping away from the sport, meaning Hendricks may not getting the rematch he deserved. Hendricks spoke to AXS TV last night about he felt about that rematch:

"Dude I've got three kids. You know what I'm saying? Talk about sleep? Are you kidding me? Everybody's got problems in life. That's the way it is. If you can't handle being champion, give it up. We chose to get into that octagon, we chose not to sleep. I don't know how many times I've went to bed at five, six o'clock in the morning and woke up at 10, running four miles because I wanted to beat GSP that bad. Dude, who cares. I chose this life. Tell yourself whatever you need to. Just get back in that octagon with me. I can't wait for the rematch."

transcribed by MMAMania.com...

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Cann site profile image  

11/25/13 2:10 PM by Cann

I think judges should score knockdowns in one round as 10-8, they do in kickboxing. The judges had those rounds as 10-9, which is unfortunate. I had Johnny winning.

KingOfFighters site profile image  

11/25/13 2:07 PM by KingOfFighters

So you hold johnny to the standards of everyman, but not gsp?? should he not man the fuck up and clock in to work?might want to wipe those cum stains out of the corner of your mouths fellas.

spjackson77 site profile image  

11/25/13 1:39 PM by spjackson77

exactly.....I mean really, going to bed at 6 am and getting up at 10??? They have a word for that, it's called college.

TeamRenzo site profile image  

11/25/13 12:32 PM by TeamRenzo

Johnny, if you cant handle the decision then finish the fight yourself.

C0NAN site profile image  

11/25/13 11:20 AM by C0NAN

"I don't care about GSP. Tell yourself whatever you need to. Just get back in that octagon with me..."A Christian-like attitude would say that compassion for another person's well being and health should come before one's own financial gain. GSP is clearly in a bad mental spot right now, and a "Christian-like" person would not target GSP at this time to catch him when he's mentally not there, just because it means big money and a weakened opponent. He should want to fight GSP when GSP is at his best.Instead, Hendricks doesn't care about Georges as a human being, and feels entitled to GSP's life and health revolving around his own material gain. This is NOT Christian like. Dude needs to stop wearing his religion on his sleeve because it is hypocritical and distasteful.

C0NAN site profile image  

11/25/13 11:16 AM by C0NAN

UFC fighters are not employees, they are independent contractors, and Zuffa is their client. Legally, Dana is no more his boss than you are a boss when your drain clogs and you hire a plumber. You are a client, not a boss, and the plumber can turn down your contract. Every fight is its own contract, and GSP does NOT have to fight. He can retire anytime there is not a fight signed, just like the UFC can drop a contract anytime.It is true that a contractually exclusive client (with a non-compete clause) can serve as a de facto boss, when that contractor isn't already wealthy, ir doesn't have other professional options. In GSP's case, he is already wealthy, and Dana is only one of his clients, not his boss. UFC drops good fighters (Fitch, Okami, etc.) whenever they damn well please. There is no loyalty from the UFC unless you are personal buddies with Dana and the Fertittas (Dan Hardy). GSP is not obligated to fulfill anything except the letter of his contract, and can retire anytime HE damn well pleases. His own health should be his number one priority, not the UFC's or Hendricks' financial gain.

ShakeR_ site profile image  

11/25/13 11:02 AM by ShakeR_

Lmao @ raising 3 kids can be a breeze. Passing all 3 kids off to Grandma everyday isn't "raising kids".I'm guessing you don't have any.

FatBuddha site profile image  

11/25/13 10:47 AM by FatBuddha

^ this. lol at Hendricks. And bragging about getting up at 10 AM lol. Many of us are up all night with kids and still have to leave at 7 AM for that work shift. What a douche.

spjackson77 site profile image  

11/25/13 2:09 AM by spjackson77

Is he really bragging about running 4 miles? hahahah what a freaking douche. Something tells me this guy is a total moron; the very definition of a dumb jock.

Porkchop site profile image  

11/24/13 6:31 PM by Porkchop

A wife and kids are not problems..... Are you saying that all family does is cause problems? Don't be stupid. GSP is a brand and he has to manage that brand. It's like comparing the problems of a family run corner store to WALMART. GSP has way more stresses in his life. Johny just sits back and enjoys the redneck life. You also have no idea what GSP's life is like or what problems he is having so you might as well pipe down because you look and sound like a fool.