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The UG made it into Yahoo's top story today!!!
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So I went to this morning and literally the first article that popped up on the headlines on their main page was about Dana and GSP. In the article, they made a reference to the Underground. We did it mama!!!!

On Wednesday's edition of UFC Tonight on FOX Sports 1, White said St-Pierre "made a big mistake, when he said what he said. Shouldn't have said it, didn't make sense, and it left everyone wondering what was going on, including me."

That same day, White went onto popular MMA message board The Underground and jumped into a thread calling for his retirement, telling one poster "Go [expletive] yourself" and another "STFU and go away."

It's hard to imagine NFL commissioner Roger Goodell jumping onto a football fan board and telling a gridiron diehard to STFU. But then, White's realness has always been one of the biggest reasons the UFC has developed such a devoted fan base. His lack of a filter is seen as a refreshing break from our play-it-safe corporate culture and his accessibility makes fans feel their loyalty is a two-way street.

But there's the flip side. Even on good days, White's in-your-face demeanor fuels an MMA Internet subculture in which non-credentialed pseudo-journalists make White public enemy No. 1 and parse his every word, grasping for new ways to paint him as a monster.

Pick on your most popular fighter, though, and you've got a bigger PR problem on your hands than the basement blogger brigade.

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Elias Cepeda site profile image  

11/27/13 10:27 AM by Elias Cepeda

This happens quite a lot, guys. People know the UG is the spot. Also, anyone calling the author of this story a noob simply reveals their own ignorance and lack.of historical knowledge. Doyle is one of the most important figures in MMA breaking through in major media outlets. Hes been working for major outlets for decades, and, as a fight fan, was fighting to get MMA covered from the inside years and years ago. He brought it to Fox, he brought it to the Associated Press and he brought it to Yahoo!.

Voiceinthedesert site profile image  

11/27/13 10:19 AM by Voiceinthedesert

Sir, you are absolutely correct. Dana has done a lot for mma, and still is. He is often, But he is not right about everything. He needs to tone it down.GSP is THE biggest asset to the UFC. Not Dana White. He needs to take a step back and let his stars be the focus of attention.

Voiceinthedesert site profile image  

11/27/13 9:08 AM by Voiceinthedesert

Yeah, Canada is one market, per capita, the most lucrative for the UFC.BTW, please refrain from insulting a fellow poster at the beginning of a reply. Makes you look douche and severely diminishes your credibility.

VinnyTheChin site profile image  

11/26/13 11:14 PM by VinnyTheChin

You sure know a lot about me, you Dana nut hugger. It was my opinion. Simple as that. Go away

CindyO site profile image  

11/26/13 8:12 PM by CindyO

But every song is like... ;)Cindy

Allen Hood site profile image  

11/26/13 7:50 PM by Allen Hood

Ready for crazy flood of noobs

Authority Figure site profile image  

11/26/13 6:20 PM by Authority Figure

Did you just tune in to MMA in last 3 years or something? Dana "dumps" on whoever he wants. Tim Sylvia, Couture, Ortiz, the list goes on. Canada is one market. You aren't going to change Dana or Zuffa.

Voiceinthedesert site profile image  

11/26/13 6:01 PM by Voiceinthedesert

I was outraged at Dana’s comments at the post-fight presser and during the scrum. Dana was portraying the decision as a travesty of justice. He took vicious shot at the NSAC. He was very vocal then toned it down as the champ showed up. This was the most disrespectful display I have ever seen perpetrated against a champ; especially against a guy like GSP. He is polite, respectful and genuine. Why would Dana take a dump on his biggest cash cow? I was baffled.I wish Dana White would have the courage to apologize to the champ and publicly. His image and the UFC took a shot here in Canada; especially in Quebec. The UFC is huge in Canada. Quebeckers are fanatics about there heroes and their sports. But they can turn on you in a heartbeat. Look at the Expos after the strike. They could not even give tickets away. Patrice Brisebois, was booed for 3 years while playing for Montreal. The guy nearly had a nervous breakdown. The fans never forgave him for a few minor slips.Food for thought.

Pitbull3744 site profile image  

11/26/13 5:30 PM by Pitbull3744

I lurked on both sites for a while and never joined but when i wanted to i didnt hesistate to sign up here.  UG is def the best forum site out there.   UG4LIFE!

shin2chin site profile image  

11/26/13 5:20 PM by shin2chin