Rampage: Jones a dirty fighter


Quinton Jackson fought Jon Jones for the UFC light heavyweight title back in September of 2011, a bout he lost by submission in the fourth round. He also fought Jones' next title challenger, Glover Teixiera in January of 2013. Familiar with both guys, Jackson is uniquely qualified to give his opinion on the match between the two:

Speaking with present media, Rampage was outspoken when he commented on Jon Jones’ next fight against Glover Teixeira. Coincidentally, both guys have wins over him but Jackson roots for the Brazilian challenger. 

“I think Glover is gonna win. I’m supporting him and I’m betting on him. Jon Jones is an excellent fighter but he doesn’t always put on a show for the fans so they aren‘t always happy with him,” he says.

“He is a great athlete. He is also one of the dirtiest opponents I have fought. If I could, I would break his knee for him so doesn’t fight ever again.” 

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Siscio site profile image  

11/30/13 5:04 AM by Siscio

This Guy gets it

pattitude site profile image  

11/30/13 1:55 AM by pattitude

And ^this^.Well said, sir!

Vote me down site profile image  

11/28/13 4:37 PM by Vote me down

It's legal but still kinda dirty. The sad thing is it's really gonna take someone losing their career over this for the rule to change.

Wasa-B site profile image  

11/28/13 4:04 PM by Wasa-B

Wasnt there a consensus amongst fighers at one point to kinda have an unwritten rule not to do foot stomps? Though i think ive seen them here and there recently. Are knee teeps considered dirty or are they illegal in kickboxing? I can see the difference between doing it as a teep (off balance/at bay) but im sure in doing so you can snap the knee all the same? Not sure if it happens like that in KB though? Again, id be curious at the rules and consensus amongst the fighters toward them in KB and in MT.

RampageFitsLikeAGlove site profile image  

11/28/13 10:20 AM by RampageFitsLikeAGlove

Voted up for the info Smacky....below is Keith's response regarding the kick.  Per his remarks, he was not injured by the kick. I" came out circling and feeling him out so it threw him off. I was then hit with a sidekick to the knee which hyperextended my knee pretty bad causing me to do a weird back roll. But I was totally fine and was trying to work back up. The whole time Herb was concerned I blew my knee and asked me to say if I'm ok and I was trying to say yes and he kept asking me so I yelled while being punched at "I'm Fine!" and tried to do a thumbs up. Then the fight was stopped, I thought he was going to separate us and take a point cuz of the kick but he called the fight. It was just a miscommunication with me and Herb."   http://www.mixedmartialarts.com/news/417449/Keith--Berry-critical-of-officiating-vs-Adlan-Amagov-asks-for-rematch/

SmackyBear site profile image  

11/28/13 1:38 AM by SmackyBear

It was Keith Berry in his fight against Amagov. But the kick didn't end the fight due to injury, like RampageFitsLikeAGlove was asking for.Herb Dean was telling him to not talk and fight back and he thought Dean was asking him to say he was okay.The kick was illegal in California, the location of the fight, but according to the then head of the AC, UFC and Strikeforce fights were contested under the ABC's unified rules for the fighters' benefit.Also, since I've posted it in every other thread about kicks to the knee, I might as well add it here.From an ABC rules meeting:"2. Discussion of Linear Strikes to the Knee JointBased on a letter from Nelson "Doc" Hamilton, the committee discussed this issue which seemed to garner attention due to UFC 97 and its Anderson Silva-Thales Leites fight. Profato opened by stating that he thought linear strikes to the knee joint should be banned and Mazzulli agreed. Foster stated that contestants skill levels are progressing annually and that we need to protect the contestants.Lembo suggested that this maneuver be banned in the amateurs, but allowed in the pro ranks. Lembo stated that this type of kick is difficult to land and is able to be defended by checking or movement. Lembo stated that kicks to the side of the knee joint seem to cause worse injuries. Lembo added that we allow strikes to the head and eyes which could cause worse injuries.Dr. Wulkan stated that from a purely medical standpoint, kicks to the side of the knee joint while the leg is planted are more dangerous and could cause worse injuries. Dr. Wulkan stated that the leg usually must be straight, not bent to increase more serious injury risk from linear knee joint strikes. Dr. Wulkan stated that other types of kicks can be thrown with more power and cause more damage.Erickson asked what combative sports disallow this maneuver. It was noted that these kicks are not allowed in kick boxing but that is due to the fact that kicks below the waist are not allowed.Kizer stated that there are ways to defend this offensive technique which occurs directly in front of the competitor. Kizer read from a statement from a NAC consulting orthopedic physician who stated that he did not see the need to ban this technique and saw other allowable techniques which could be more damaging from an injury standpoint.?Foster stated that Anderson Silva is an anomaly. Foster stated there is not enough data on this rarely utilized technique. Kizer reminded that each Commission can require more restrictive rules if desired and Foster stressed the need for uniformity. The Committee unanimously agreed that it be suggested that linear strikes to the knee joint be banned in the amateurs but remain unchanged at this point in time in the pros."

allforroy site profile image  

11/28/13 1:35 AM by allforroy

Rampage Jones is a great name.

octowussy site profile image  

11/27/13 11:27 PM by octowussy

Anyone who thinks these kicks should be illegal is a baby. Like Rampage.If it's legal, it's not dirty. Grabbing the cage, grabbing shorts, eye pokes... those are dirty. Bisping is a dirty fighter.

kingkoopa site profile image  

11/27/13 9:41 PM by kingkoopa

That's gonna take a few hours of free time but I'll try to find it

The Sultan site profile image  

11/27/13 8:46 PM by The Sultan

The teep to the thigh from thai boxing is a great technique but it isn't designed to strike towards the knee to hyper extend. Its meant to keep the opponent at bay and off balance. The way bones and anderson throw them in the stomping fashion are designed to injure. Sure they havemt been successful with injuring an opponent but the intent is still there. I feel like they are borderline in terms of cheap or bitch moves but they are perfectly legal so I'd work on my defense of them instead of worrying about whether or not they are cheap. A lower extremity strike that I feel is very cheap amd dirty is the foot stomp. I think those are a bitch technique. Takes very little skill and the ones you see throwing them often are typically the types of fighters that are not particularly skilled. There are some skilled fighters using them but they are 100% a bitch move IMO.