Caraway: TUF exposed Ronda Rousey


UFC bantamweight Bryan Caraway recently appeared on Ariel Helwani's The MMA Hour, and offered his thoughts on what the latest season of TUF did for Ronda Rousey's popularity. Caraway dates Rousey's arch rival Miesha Tate, and thinks the show was a disaster for Rousey.

"I absolutely do (believe Ronda lost fans)," said Caraway as transcribed by MMAMania. "I think the world's getting a little bit of balance back. The UFC PR machine is incredibly strong. Ronda was the all American blonde girl, Olympic medalist, and was beating everybody in the first round so they said, ‘This is gold, we're going to take her and mold her into whatever we want her to be.' As far as her personality, she has the credentials and physical appearance to market well. The UFC did a great job on that and I think the Ultimate Fighter shed just a little bit of light on the type of person that she really is.

"I do think that it exposed her, I would say, and I think the balance has shifted a little bit and Miesha has gained a lot more fan following base. I definitely don't think Miesha is the fan favorite, I mean, Ronda still has 350,000 followers, or whatever it is, and there are a lot of people who don't follow the sport that close enough that they just see the she's an Olympian and a cute girl that's a world champion. They just see the little list of credentials and accomplishments that she's done and they think this girl has done so much and she's amazing. But they don't know anything about her personally.

"On a personal level, I definitely think for the fans that follow MMA, it definitely brought a little balance to women's MMA and gained followers for Miesha."

What do you think UG? Did your feelings about Ronda Rousey change over the season?


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Recent Comments »

circa305 site profile image  

11/27/13 9:58 PM by circa305

Yea I was a fan of Rhonda prior to the show and didnt really care much for Miesha. Now I like Meisha way better and even find her more attractive now. Miesha is marriage material IDK what Caraway is waiting on.I hope Miesha kicks her ass but I wont get my hopes up.

OGT site profile image  

11/27/13 8:23 PM by OGT

Nate Diaz labeled Mr. Tate correctly.

FOX Force Five site profile image  

11/27/13 4:14 PM by FOX Force Five

I have been aware of Ronda, and enjoyed watching her compete, way before she started MMA. I was also aware she had "issues"If it's longer than 30 seconds I don't want to listen to her speak.HOWEVER - I love to watch her fight; and ironically that usually only takes about 30 seconds these days! (OK nearly 5 minutes in her last 2 fights.)Her talent is real, I can choose not to watch the other stuff.While we're talking real, Ronda's CV is legit, she didn't decide to add a couple of national championships to it while no-one was looking!PS - I think Miesha is adorable, and Brian is a lucky bloke.

thebravebull site profile image  

11/27/13 3:10 PM by thebravebull

Oh and speaking of Ronda just reacting to Miesha's taunts (allegedly), unless my memory fails me I wasn't it Ronda who was the first antagonist when she practically broke the gym door down the second Team Tate's practice was over??? Didn't think about that, did you?

WhoShotYushinOkami site profile image  

11/27/13 3:07 PM by WhoShotYushinOkami

I liked her personality prior to the show. I dislike her personality now. And I wouldnt really chalk it up to being a reality show tool. I look at it like this. You see a girl act like a cunt once every 2-3 months, hey no big deal. Out of sight out of mind right? You see a girl act like a cunt every single Wednesday, well it tends to become tiring pretty quickly.   Now at the end of the day, shes still an awesome fighter so I will watch her fight but thats more because I can seperate the fact that the athletes I like to watch may not necessarily be nice people (Michael Jordan, Tyson, Couture, etc). I am not watching them to see them be a good person, father, husband, etc.  

thebravebull site profile image  

11/27/13 2:54 PM by thebravebull

It isn't editing that made RR look like a classless and pretentious cunt. She did a good job of doing that herself. As far as Meisha goes, maybe she just understands that when you're on a television show representing yourself and your company it's not a good thing to act like you're on Jerry Springer. Ya think?This is not about MT being an angel; it's about RR pulling a bait and switch on those of us (unlike you) who don't have a full psychological insight into her. What I saw this whole time was a big smile outside the cage and an equally big scowl inside of it. So maybe that's expecting too much of her, but she is showing us a manic personality in addition to her considerable skills, fortitude, and coaching ability.So yeah, I don't like what I have seen from her as a person anymore. What of it? Whatever harmless pranks Tate pulled, RR snapped up her bait worse than Christopher Darden did. Besides, since when have benign pranks NOT been a part of TUF? She knew that going in. The point is that nobody thinks they needed to act like the best of friends, but hating each other does not entail a license to behave like a middle school bitch ALL OF THE TIME. You can blame it on Tate's taunts all you want but then how do you explain the bullshit after the Bazler fight, or when RR and her fat dyke friend gave the double birds when all Miesha did was come over to shake hands and say good fight? For as much as Tito and Chuck or Tito and Shammy detested each other they never took it to this level. Maybe it's a girl thing that I just can't understand. I just like my "champions" to conduct themselves with some decorum.

CaptChaos site profile image  

11/27/13 2:46 PM by CaptChaos

What if you had a teenage daughter that wanted to be a fighter 1 day or just admired the female fighters... Then you watch TUF with your daughter and you see a constant flow of BS coming from Rhonda? It's not good for kids that look up to her, it's not good for the sport, it's not good for her image,etc... The more I see Rhonmda's antics the more she reminds me of Trailor Trash. We call it WT!

GWizz site profile image  

11/27/13 2:36 PM by GWizz

It seems that Meisha and Carraway are consumed with the fact that Rhonda is more popular and they are taking this season of TUF as a moral victory because they think they looked cooler than her.They have their priorities phuked up like a kid in high school.

thebravebull site profile image  

11/27/13 2:27 PM by thebravebull

I made this point on her Facebook page when somebody was praising her for being real while Miesha is supposedly fake (apparently for behaving like a civilized human being). Why should "being real" necessarily be admirable? Charles Manson is just "being real"...

Phil999 site profile image  

11/27/13 2:22 PM by Phil999

Yes, some reality.VU.