Coach: GSP return to fighting is 50/50


Tristar head trainer Firas Zahabi spoke with Canada's Sportsnet last week about the return of UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre.

"I don't know. It's 50/50 and I don't think he knows either," said Zahabi as transcribed by MMAFighting. "I think if he ends it this way, it was good. He ended up with Fight of the Night. An incredible seesaw battle. He showed heart, he showed guts, he showed he's a fighter."

"He has 22 fights in the UFC, alone. That's a lot of training camps. That's a lot of years of sacrifice. He can't go out. He can't do this. He can't have a wife and kids. He can't have a steady girlfriend. He can't have anything normal in his life. He's living a very unbalanced life. How long does he want to do that for? He's 32. When is he going to start living his life? At 40? It's a hard decision for him to make and he's got a lot of things going on in his life. He has to decide what he wants to do. Nobody can decide for him."

"I tell him, it's about motivation. Do you have the motivation to do this again? If yes, and you want to put your life on the back burner and do another camp, lets do it. If you don't have the motivation to do it, don't do it. You're just going to go out there and get hurt. You're going to cut corners and be miserable and you're going to go out there and you're going to get hurt."


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Raezor19 site profile image  

12/4/13 9:27 PM by Raezor19

GSP = Jack Burton.....     "You leave jack burton alone...".....Egg...  

pollice_verso site profile image  

12/4/13 9:16 PM by pollice_verso

I just can't believe that GSP would retire with a close win.I think if he doesn't retire, he won't retire for a while. That is, it will probably require that he change his reasoning for continuing to fight. Personally, I think he should only retire after he loses two in a row.Otherwise he'll always wonder... The problem we see with fighters who don't retire when they should is when they rack up multiple losses and still continue to fight, I think.Since it's a combat sport, what better way to pass the torch than to fight until the torch is torn from your grasp? Then he can leave knowing his division is in capable hands.

TwentyNineTwentyEight site profile image  

12/4/13 8:44 PM by TwentyNineTwentyEight

I wish him the best. I thought he lost his last fight, but, this man has been nothing but dedicated. His example on how to conduct oneself professionally is unequaled.

Entreri site profile image  

12/4/13 8:00 PM by Entreri

Very interesting interview. It looks more and more like GSP may well retire.

ChaosOverkill site profile image  

12/3/13 6:11 PM by ChaosOverkill

Dana having another meltdown is 50/50

Nick Diaz Fan site profile image  

12/3/13 5:55 PM by Nick Diaz Fan

Yeh i agree gsp wouldn't want somebody whos not genuine they have been best friends for years

Voiceinthedesert site profile image  

12/3/13 5:35 PM by Voiceinthedesert

Firas is one of the nicest guys you could meet. He is very smart and genuine.

Nick Diaz Fan site profile image  

12/3/13 5:33 PM by Nick Diaz Fan

Maybe he is gay and waiting for the right time to come out, he could be trying to fight back his urges and the only way to do that is to live like a spartan n devote his time to training and he wont think about it so much.

HeHitsMeBecauseHeLovesMe site profile image  

12/3/13 5:28 PM by HeHitsMeBecauseHeLovesMe

If George needs motivation, he should get a girlfriend and have a kid. Then he'll never wanna leave the gym.

Malvert the Janitor site profile image  

12/3/13 4:49 PM by Malvert the Janitor

I can respect that. BJ hasn't been the same since having kids. Living a "normal" life is contrary to the fighter's life in so many ways.Signed,A guy who knows fuck all about a fighter's life.