UFC to unveil digital subscription network


MMAJunkie's John Morgan writing for USA Today revealed that the UFC is on the verge of launching a new, as yet unamed subscription-based online distribution platform.

The network will feature live and on-demand programming, including more than a dozen live fight cards beginning with UFC Fight Night 34 on Jan. 4 at Singapore's Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre.

An event March 8 at London's O2 Arena also will stream on the new platform, which will replace and enhance the UFC's current digital home at UFC.tv.

The network will allow the promotion to hold international fight cards in prime time in those local markets while keeping the content accessible to fight fans around the globe at times when television partners might decline to air live programming. The Singapore event, for instance, kicks off at 7:30 p.m. local time, 6:30 a.m. ET.

International versions of The Ultimate Fighter, the company's long-running reality competition series, also are expected to be available on the digital network. Historical fight footage and live fight-week fan and media events also will be streamed.

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If the price has not been set yet, what would you pay?


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CHILLITACO site profile image  

12/3/13 8:02 AM by CHILLITACO

I'd pay this provided the idiots get it right and have mirror server's running for the EU and Asia. The ppv one is useless for us Aussie's imho, I bought one once from central Asia too and it was still a piece of shit with streaming. Nothing to do with the connection just the server. I mean if pirate bay can run 20 plus mirrors surely the UFC can afford 3 or 4 and get their shit sorted.

JerodR site profile image  

12/3/13 3:08 AM by JerodR

This is what I thought at well. Honestly I think the growth of the UFC is good, but I don't like this direction at the same time. It is already too expensive to keep up with it. I miss the days of stacked cards and a big build up to the fights. Now it is almost like a revolving door....next. There are good fights however the anticipation often falls short and the costs are just getting crazy.

MMALOGIC site profile image  

12/3/13 3:07 AM by MMALOGIC

yeah the future is going to be very very interesting.  right now this is just a beta UFC network.  if Zuffa can get this network on netflix and the other streaming services along with a carraige fee then shit is about to get real. This network is also leverage because Zuffa can grow on it's own timetable not fox's.  Because Fox is the exclusive TV partner this decreases fox's leverage in calling the shots with when and where UFC grows and actually pressures fox to pick up the content.... if not live at least tape delay. Zuffa leaking the news of an online UFC network before the official announcement is by design.  Fox/fs1 already  picked up tuf nations, and I believe they've already agreed to a price on airing these international cards on tape delay.

Jake Thomas site profile image  

12/3/13 2:44 AM by Jake Thomas

i'm excited for this. i dont know why anyone would complain. no one is forcing anyone to buy it.  and, if they eventually did cut out ppv all together and made more money, good for them! if they're making more money, fighters will potentially make more money. every year the ufc raises its minimum payout. in 2007 it was like $1500-$1500 for a lot of the undercard guys. this last ufc the lowest anyone was paid was $8000-$8000. i wish i could get that kind of a payraise at my day job! so, if they have continually paid out more to fighters as they grow, why wouldn't they continue to payout more money in the future?

MagSlim site profile image  

12/3/13 1:22 AM by MagSlim

Interesting, thanks. I hope Zuffa sees the future and leverages FOX to do more FS1 content for more money and does digital PPV content for much much less than it charges now. That's the way to grow the sport imo, the PPV sales are dropping so it makes perfect sense to change the model and get back to the old PPV numbers at a new price point and make up the difference elsewhere.

Chris27 site profile image  

12/2/13 9:31 PM by Chris27

Thats exactly what it is, UFC is expanding their cards next year nad doing more international fight nights that wont be shown on tv in the US so they are doing this online network to air those events. We will still get 13 PPV, 4 Fox shows and probably 15+ FS1 free shows. 

gokudamus site profile image  

12/2/13 9:24 PM by gokudamus

slow down guys...its probably only for cards that arent broadcast on US tv...

mm370 site profile image  

12/2/13 8:55 PM by mm370


duckhuntgangsta site profile image  

12/2/13 8:20 PM by duckhuntgangsta

Meh, I might just cancel cable anyways...I hate paying for 600 channels when I only watch three.

MMALOGIC site profile image  

12/2/13 4:01 PM by MMALOGIC

  first, Zuffa cant discount the price yet without the cable and satelite operators going crazy.  Zuffa cant price it's ppv's below the cable and satelite companies as long as they are the primary distributors.   Eventually everything will be going through the internet and once that happens and the cable and statelite companies become marginalized then the price of ppv will drop. It could drop 15%... it could drop 0%.  I believe the price will be around 29.95 if not just included in the subscription network.  It all depends on the distribution and what the model for internet TV will be in the future.  Google will be rolling out a super speed internet service... if they pick up the online UFC network and Zuffa can charge google 20 to 30 cents a subscriber that'll cover everything with a target of 90m plus households who will eventually have internet TV.  IF Zuffa has to charge the user directly then the network will probably be $15 or more (20 or more with the ppv's included).  There could be a joint venture with Fox where they handle the backend (ads, subscription) similar to the deal zuffa has with telavisa, etc...   any number of ways this could unfold.