Diaz earns $30,000, Maynard $45,000; Complete TUF 18 salaries

by Chris Palmquist |

Prior to the Ultimate Fighter 18 Finale event, Nate Diaz complained in interviews that he wasn't paid enough, and with the salaries revealed today by the NSAC, maybe there is some truth to what he said.

Diaz's contract had him at $15,000 to show and $15,000 to win. He of course netted an additional $50,000 for the knock out of the night. Maynard on the other hand was contracted for $45,000 to show and another $45,000 had he won. The discrepancy between the two seems a bit weird, considering both started their official UFC career at the same time, and both have previously fought for the lightweight title.

Not only has Diaz competed for the UFC lightweight title, he also has main evented UFC on FOX events three times.

The complete salaries revealed by the NSAC today were:

Nate Diaz: $15,000 show / $15,000 win bonus

Gray Maynard: $45,000 show / $45,000 win bonus

Jessica Rakoczy: $8,000 show / $8,000 win bonus

Juliana Pena: $8,000 show / $8,000 win bonus

David Grant: $8,000 show / $8,000 win bonus

Chris Holdsworth: $8,000 show / $8,000 win bonus

Margaret Morgan: $8,000 show / $8,000 win bonus

Jessamyn Duke:  $8,000 show / $8,000 win bonus

Raquel Pennington: $8,000 show / $8,000 win bonus

Roxanne Modaferri: $8,000 show / $8,000 win bonus

Maximo Blanco: $17,000 show / $17,000 win bonus

Akiri Khorassani: $8,000 show / $8,000 win bonus

Tom Niimaki:  $8,000 show / $8,000 win bonus

Rani Yahya: $20,000 show / $20,000 win bonus

Walter Harris: $8,000 show / $8,000 win bonus

Jared Rosholt: $8,000 show / $8,000 win bonus

Drew Dober: $8,000 show / $8,000 win bonus

Sean Spencer: $8,000 show / $8,000 win bonus

Ryan Benoit: $8,000 show / $8,000 win bonus

Josh Sampo: $8,000 show / $8,000 win bonus


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Dillonpeterliam site profile image  

12/4/13 4:47 AM by Dillonpeterliam

So Diaz, the biggest draw on the whole card makes the 2nd least! after the Ultimate Fighter guys Nate mad the least. Rediculous

Colboyo site profile image  

12/4/13 12:16 AM by Colboyo


Osbot site profile image  

12/3/13 5:11 PM by Osbot

He obviously gets more in bonus money.The problem is bonus money. It's just another technique the UFC uses to gain leverage.Nobody knows for sure what anyone else gets paid, the money is all discretionary bonus. So, you gotta bend over and take it up the ass to get paid. On top of that, since nobody knows what anyone else gets, you can't work out a decent value for yourself.This is all business 101 type shit.These are the kind of dirty tricks businesses used to run back in the good old days! Divide labour and all that.

CainPoundedMyOldSN site profile image  

12/3/13 5:06 PM by CainPoundedMyOldSN

seriously... WHAT-THE-FUCK is going on here? this needs to be addressed. i dont give 2 fucks how many "locker room" bonuses hes getting or how much some dorks are certain "Dana takes care of him". This is absolute, 100%, unmistakable BULLSHIT! Nate Diaz should not be fighting for ess than 100,000 dollars a pop and that is the LOW, LOW, LOW, bare MINIMUM!! reaistically we should be talking half a million MINIMUM! hes a headliner/ veteran/ perenial contender/ huge named/ legend. at this point it would make ZERO difference if Dana showed me his pay stub with the other 450k+ differential in discretionaries. its EMBARRASSING at this point. the pay structure MUST be revamped. no ifs, ands, or maybes.

California site profile image  

12/3/13 4:59 PM by California

Nate should be paid a lot more money, for the fan eyeballs and interest that he draws.209

Durk McGurk site profile image  

12/3/13 4:57 PM by Durk McGurk

The rage in this forum is ridiculous. Here's my take:1. Since the UFC is always shady as to how much they pay these guys It's super likely this low pay is not nearly what Diaz really gets paid. As much as I agree a lot of fighters get paid too little I doubt a fighter that has been around as long a Nate is only making 15/15. The fact that he complains about not getting paid enough means absolutely nothing. I think he'd be complaining not matter what. Even without a good agent Nate wouldn't be dumb enough to sign that contract. He could have gotten better outside the UFC I'm sure or at least gotten the offers to make the UFC match. Aint nobody got time for that!2. If he in fact did make that much and only that much, he is dumber than he sounds. He did sign the contract so it's really on him and/or his terrible management. Get a clue.I really doubt it's case 2.He looked great too. Hope he climb to the top of the heap again.DerP!

rockfists site profile image  

12/3/13 7:34 AM by rockfists

The only fighter in scrap pack that stayed ufc or fought most of his career for the ufc, is the most underpaid..... by a long shot.Will never get over Dana using nate as an example of how Nick should be.

rockfists site profile image  

12/3/13 7:30 AM by rockfists

Dang my favorite fighter gets paid nothing. Shame.For those saying, "play the game" or mentioning his attitude. For the record, Dana used Nate as an example when he was having Nick no show. "We don't have these problems with his brother." Basically, conform and get fucked. No show, bad mouth, and talk shit, get paid a few million.

flipmode site profile image  

12/3/13 5:43 AM by flipmode

Shut up dumb fuck.

daba site profile image  

12/3/13 2:34 AM by daba

After taxes and paying his trainers and manager he probably made close to nothing. Too bad he doesn't really have other options.