Griffin retired, but not by choice


Forrest Griffin has been fighting in the UFC since 2005 and professionaly since 2001, but the toll on his body from fighting and training has become too much. Griffin was planning on fighting again after his win against Tito Ortiz last July, but his body had other ideas. Griffin recently spoke to Ariel Helwani on the MMA hour about his struggle:

"I physically can't (come back). I didn't want to be done, in the beginning. When I announced my retirement, that was actually when I was trying to come back and I realized, it just wasn't viable. It passed me by. My shoulder is done. I brush my teeth with my left hand now. That's just the way it goes. I can't shoot a basketball, I can't throw any kind of ball. I was right handed. The last three years, I was kinda fighting with one arm, on and off.

My training camp was, I don't want to call it Frank Mir style, but it was Frank Mir style. It's like, I'm going to work on whatever hurts the least today. What are we doing today? Well, what's not broken today? That's what we're going to do today."

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Phillysliced site profile image  

12/6/13 6:46 PM by Phillysliced

He didn't appear to be that tough in the Anderson fight, but he's a great personality and great role model

hellride site profile image  

12/6/13 6:25 PM by hellride

Forrest is too tough for his own good, the classic overachiever. He out gutted so many fighters he should have lost to. He was a pleasure to watch, a great fighter.

WeidmansPHD_in_G0atslaying_fr0m_h0fstra_U site profile image  

12/6/13 6:19 PM by WeidmansPHD_in_G0atslaying_fr0m_h0fstra_U

I thought everyone knew this.   Dana is a bully to fighters.  

MountainMedic site profile image  

12/6/13 4:42 PM by MountainMedic

Gotta remember all the wars & injuries he had before tuf even started. And he was known as a guy that loved to train, coture said he had to turn the lights off to get him out if the gym. He trained and fought injured for years. Guy was tough as they come.I wish him.success in his list fight life. He was the UFCs poster boy for years and made them.alot of money, I hope they find something for him.

forever white belt site profile image  

12/6/13 3:30 PM by forever white belt

He tapped shogun.

FightToLive site profile image  

12/6/13 3:03 PM by FightToLive

Thanks for the memories!

buckshot44 site profile image  

12/6/13 2:58 PM by buckshot44

Frank Mir Style FTW

Jay-dog site profile image  

12/6/13 12:32 PM by Jay-dog

He def had a sub game and I wouldn't say that he wasn't athletic. I remember him making Rampage look clumsy in a basketball game on TUF. His hand speed was never there but over all he was an above average athlete.

Haulport site profile image  

12/6/13 11:47 AM by Haulport

I hope (and it seems) that he has walked away without any significant brain damage.

Bry Bry site profile image  

12/6/13 11:36 AM by Bry Bry

Forrest was always tough but i think his lack of athleticism is what held him back..he always seemed like he was punching underwater during his fights..his submission game seemed non-existent..