With win at UFC 168, White will make Silva vs. Roy Jones Jr. in boxing


Anderson Silva has been talking about a boxing fight with legendary fighter Roy Jones Jr. for a couple years. The likely hood of it happening has been a pipe dream mostly, but now seems like UFC President Dana White may be coming around to the idea:

“He said that’s his lifelong dream,” Jones said. “We’ve got to make that happen. If (Silva) beats Weidman, then we’ll do a boxing match, which is what he wants to do. … If he beats Weidman, I’ve got to be ready for it because he’s going to be coming for me – and I want to be ready when he comes for me. I want to give him what he wants.”

So how serious of a possibility is that? White has been answering questions about such a fight’s plausibility for years, but now it seems like it’s something he might consider – especially since Jones is planning to be cageside a week after he fights Zine Eddine Benmakhlouf for the WBU cruiserweight title in Russia.

“These two drive me crazy. They drive me crazy,” White said. “First of all, Roy Jones Jr. is a longtime friend of mine. When I was a 19-year-old kid in the boxing business, Roy Jones was very good to me. So I’m in this position where I feel like Roy wants to fight him, he wants to fight Roy – I feel like I’m in this position to try to make both of these guys happy. But it drives me crazy.

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ChaosOverkill site profile image  

12/10/13 5:27 PM by ChaosOverkill

So Jones Vs Silva has always mean't Roy Jones now Dana? Derp

titoscared site profile image  

12/10/13 5:26 PM by titoscared

Be great if the spider front kiks RJJ teeth out.ooops sorry wrong sport.

mixedmartianartist site profile image  

12/10/13 12:05 AM by mixedmartianartist

This makes no sense, why does it matter if he beats Weidman for him to box against Jones?That's like saying, if you beat Phelps you'll get to race Bolt... okay Dana...

Doback M3 site profile image  

12/9/13 8:31 PM by Doback M3

This fight will never happen.  Dana is horrible at getting things done in this regard.

circa305 site profile image  

12/9/13 8:27 PM by circa305

IF Silva manages to beat Weidman no way in hell Dana makes this fight with RJJ.

Mario Luigi site profile image  

12/9/13 8:23 PM by Mario Luigi


Another Foob site profile image  

12/9/13 2:42 PM by Another Foob

You know how I know Silva won't beat Weidman in the rematch?

rushinbear site profile image  

12/9/13 2:21 PM by rushinbear

Absolutely NO WAY Silva wins this. We are talking a top PRO BOXER who knows how to take punches. This is doomed for a failure. I don't see it even happening.RJJR anyway he wants to win....

hubris site profile image  

12/9/13 2:18 PM by hubris

let him do itif Brock can do pro-wrestling, why can't Anderson do pro-boxing?

stainlesssteel site profile image  

12/9/13 2:15 PM by stainlesssteel

Again, how is it possible for anderson to resign from the ufc and sign with mayweather like you suggested? Silva can retire and relinquish the belt. Contracts can obligate, not force you to fight. He might be forced to sit out a certain period, but the eventual payday might be worth the wait.