Knapp eying TV deal for Invicta


Invicta has only run seven professional events in their promotion's short history, but they have made huge progress in pushing women's mixed martial arts forward. The event is solely focused on women and feature's only women's bout. The next big step, according to Invicta FC President Shannon Knapp, is TV:

"There is interest," Knapp said. "There are doors that maybe were a little open before, that have opened a little bit more. We'll see. I have got some meetings after this event and we will see where we go from there. It is of course something that I'm going to focus on and try to make happen. I just want us to have a good partner, someone that believes in what we are doing."

I'm sure she wants a partner that can show her fight cards without her having to worry if she will make it through the night without having to pay fans and viewers back. As the head of the promotion, she was right in weighing all the options, before making a hasty decision. But now the clock is ticking, and a young promotion like Invicta can't afford to keep losing money.

Knapp also said, "I knew it would take us longer than most promotions, because we still had to convince people that an all-female promotion would be successful. I was prepared for that and more than ready for it. I'm very optimistic, I always am."

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CV973 site profile image  

12/9/13 10:42 PM by CV973

How did Shannon make a mistake.... She has every top 10 women in the world in every division signed to multi fight contracts execpt for the UFC girls and Jag signed with WSOF. The women love fighting for Invicta... RFA and Legacy can't compete with that.

Steve4192 site profile image  

12/9/13 10:07 AM by Steve4192

It was pretty damn bad during Tonya Evinger's fight. Miesha and Tonya hate each other, and Miesha couldn't put her disdain aside. Hearing her no-sell Evinger as a bum and then watching Tonya grind a win was sweet.

RyannVonDoom site profile image  

12/9/13 9:58 AM by RyannVonDoom

Meisha was a guest due to julie havig a fight in aussieland. Mo has been there since day one.

BRZ site profile image  

12/9/13 9:54 AM by BRZ

I didn't see the last Invicta event why was Miesha Tate commentaing bad?

Pitbull3744 site profile image  

12/9/13 9:44 AM by Pitbull3744

Honestly i fucking love Shannon Knapp, she should take over for Dana lol

GregNoActionJackson site profile image  

12/9/13 9:42 AM by GregNoActionJackson

I like invicta a lot but they need to do away with king mo and miesha commentating. Both are atrocious

MMALOGIC site profile image  

12/9/13 9:39 AM by MMALOGIC

it's not just the UFC accepting female mma.  Bringing the 115lb division hurts but once the rfa's of the world begin including and increasing their female mma that leaves even less room for invicta. Why would someone like hdnet sign invicta when they can simply have their rfa's and legacies easily include female mma.  IM not saying hdnet net wont, but the rfa's of the world will eventually absorb the role into their current product. Knapp made a mistake... she jumped on an opportunity without securing the payoff.  she should have locked up as many top female fighters as possible and try to survive long enough to get bought out.

Steve4192 site profile image  

12/9/13 9:17 AM by Steve4192

I would love to see them land a deal on a traditional "women's network" like Oxygen or WE. "Fight Girls" did pretty well on Oxygen back in 2007. They could position WMMA as "empowering women" or some such shit. If they could pull that off, they could really expand the demographic for the sport and make MMA events less of a sausage fest.

stainlesssteel site profile image  

12/9/13 1:13 AM by stainlesssteel

they are a fight promotion, not a software engineering company. Their internet host are the ones who need to figure out how to run a stream. I hope this promotion finds a sponsor somewhere because despite what the general consensus is, there is definitely an audience out there for good quality women's MMA. And I disagree with the people who say the UFC recent acceptance of women will be Invicta's death knell. I think women are an entirely different breed of fighters and will identify very strongly with a women led promotion and will show loyalty. Especially since the UFC has not committed beyond Ronda Rousey. And in reality, what it would take to keep the form alive is not that great. I am pretty sure these fighters are not asking for million dollar contracts or 6 fighre bonuses. Funding 20 female fighters for one year, at $50K each, would cost $1 million dollars. That is probablyh Dana White's 6 month jet fuel bill. Out of thise 20 fighters could come one or two, ala Matt Hughes and BJ Penn, who could galvanize the division for years, and produce revenue in the millions. Or they can say the heck with Dana White, lets launch a Kickstarter and get 1 million MMA fans to donate one dollar each, and fund 20 female fighters for one year. And those 1 million MMA fans, then get 5 percent of all 20 fighters the first 10 bouts. Who wouldnt donate 1 dollar for that?  

Kings21 site profile image  

12/9/13 12:34 AM by Kings21

I'd love to see them on NBC Sports but I think AXS is probably more likely. I cant see Spike doing it. Either way I cant wait till they get off this internet PPV thing. So many complaints about it not working.^FS2 would be a great option as well. I dont know what the rest of their broadcasting lineup is other than UFC stuff that wont fit on FS1.