Jon Jones and Frank Mir roughhousing in a Moscow bar


UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones and former UFC heavyweight champ Frank Mir have been on a global tour to promote their upcoming UFC bouts at UFC 171 and UFC 169, respectively. At one point this summer the pair ended up in the back room of Moscow, Russia's Maxim bar.

For reasons so far unknown the two got into what appears to be a friendly but lively tussle, that ended up with the far larger Mir uncermoniously putting Jones on his back.

This was doubtless not a genuine grudge match. The pair train together at Jackson's MMA, and Mir served as Jones' head BJJ coach on TUF 17.

Further, Jones' manager stated explicity that it was just two teammates horsing around.

malki kawa ‏@malkikawa
This jones/mir "fight" tape is dumb. They're friends. They were playing around.If they were to fight for real I'd be looking 4 the ppv??.


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touch site profile image  

1/4/15 11:07 AM by touch


The Perverted One site profile image  

12/12/13 6:57 PM by The Perverted One

Lol ur a dumbass or a troll, they were throwing some soft arm punches at each other. Their both very control and were just touching each others face. The video was sped up so it looks like their punching a lot faster than what it is

basswork site profile image  

12/12/13 6:33 PM by basswork

Them bitch titties would leave me to believe

uberpinscher site profile image  

12/12/13 6:22 PM by uberpinscher

I lol'd on the street car VU

CapnKindBud site profile image  

12/12/13 5:09 AM by CapnKindBud

Bones has firm, protruding breasteses !

touch site profile image  

12/12/13 4:47 AM by touch

Earlier that day...

touch site profile image  

12/12/13 2:50 AM by touch

Interesting screenname

DildoBaggins site profile image  

12/11/13 9:39 PM by DildoBaggins

Looks like shit got real when Mir grabbed Jones balls from behind.

goldenboyart site profile image  

12/11/13 9:12 PM by goldenboyart

First it's NOT horseplay when you're throwing shots at the face.As far as "sped up" like a lot of posters are saying, they're wrong there too.I have cams all over my home ands businesses and sometimes when you move the video to different formats it does that wierd little shuffle/slightly fast thing, like it doesn here. I don't think for a second anyone "Sped: it up to look "more real". that's just a joke.Don't know the curcumstances. It might have started as a little horseplaying (you know someone id drun and just sarts doing shit) then when someone gets tagged it quickly turns into a real fight at maybe 80%.this is what it looks like to me. Start of it shows Jones practically knocking someone down oto escape Mir.then Jones throw a side kick and Mir comes back with a right hand.Jones goes to the ground and it ends.It definitely looks like MIR got the better of Jones here. He probably didn't want any of MIR since MIR is "crazy", LOL.Wish they had the entire full video.Conclusion, might have started as playing around but it didn't end that way. MIR for the WIN.

MMAdotCOM site profile image  

12/11/13 6:37 PM by MMAdotCOM

it was so fast, i don't understand how mir took jones down. or did jones pull guard?