GSP taking break from MMA, vacating title


The rumors about UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre retiring or taking a break floated around for weeks following the French Canadian's tough, tough, tough win over Johny Hendricks last month.

Now, during a conference call with both St-Pierre and UFC president Dana White, it was officially announced that GSP was taking a break from mixed martial arts for an indfefinite period of time, and that he was vacating his title. St-Pierre cited the pressure of 'obsessively' preparing for each opponent.

"15 of my fights were for a world title," sid St-Pierre. "It is a lot of pressure. I decided I need to take time off. I know the UFC is a business they can't wait for my little person. One day when I feel like it I might come back, but right now I need a break. So I vacate my belt."

At every fight you add weight, you add weight you add weight, and at some point for my equilibrium, I have to take a break. I can't go through a camp right now... So I vacated my title."

"Instead of having a red tape on my wrist, I'll have a blue tape - I'll be the challenger."

"I never felt better physically, It is emotionally I need this. I want to live a little bit of a normal life. (I will be part of Tristar) but I wont have the pressure of competing."

"I will keep training as I am a martial artists... I think one day I will be back... I can't give a time for a return as that would put pressure on me."

"My life is a zoo right now," he said, laughing. "I know you guys are trying, but I am not going to tell you anything personal."

"I am content (with my legacy). I wanted to do things to be remembered, to take the sport to the next level."

UFC president Dana White agreed.

"I agree with Georges 100%," said White. "He sat down with us and said 'I have a lot of person problems right now. I cant imagine doing another camp.' This is fighting man. You have to be 100% enotionally and physically."

"The issues he's dealing with outside the octagon are driving him nuts. He's obsessing about it,"

White later went on to detail what happens to the title.

"March 15, Dallas, Texas, Johny Hendricks is fighting Robbie Lawler for the world title."

"I'm working on something else for Carlos Condit. I hope to have him on that card. A different direction (than Matt Brown who is injured). As far as I know Nick Diaz is retired."

"Life goes on..."


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Kimo Lives site profile image  

12/16/13 9:16 PM by Kimo Lives

Makes sense most people are bashing his one here prolly knows what it's like to have the pressure of being THE BEST at somthing. Possibly THE BEST OF ALL TIMES(kanye voice) at that.Sure it sounds like a rediculous thing to complain about but how would we know

JohnnyB1 site profile image  

12/14/13 3:32 PM by JohnnyB1

GSP seems burnt out. A break might be what he needs to get that fire back again.

Wasa-B site profile image  

12/14/13 3:00 PM by Wasa-B

Good post seems to be a lotta respect coming to GSP from those who aren't big fans, rare time ug is recognizing a true and dedicated and humble great

Samoa site profile image  

12/14/13 12:01 PM by Samoa

What was the stat? 50% of all the strikes he has taken in his UFC career have come in his last three fights? He is clearly not fighting at the same level he was before the knee injury and the caliber of opponent continues to rise. To be competitive (won or lose) with today's young lions while on the downside of his career is a testament to his heart and grittiness. Maybe it was a bad decision but that's on the judges not Georges. He has fought his heart out. I was never a big GSP fan. I was rooting against him in the Hendricks fight. I respected his accomplishments and believe he is in the top 3 discussion of GOAT. I became more of a fan seeing him make a lucid decision to do what he wants. If he doesn't truly get that fire to fight I hope he does not fold to pressure and never fights again. If he comes back I will be rooting for him for the first time in years.

aikmanr site profile image  

12/14/13 11:31 AM by aikmanr

GSP hasn't been himself over his last two fights. The mental game has always been his weakness when favored and his strength when he's the underdog. He deserves a long break. He needs time off to get that desire to win back.

benjitsu13 site profile image  

12/14/13 10:30 AM by benjitsu13

It would be super sweet to see Lawler's story go Cinderella.

Samoa site profile image  

12/14/13 10:28 AM by Samoa

Good for Georges.

benjitsu13 site profile image  

12/14/13 10:24 AM by benjitsu13

Do you really think they are going to make GSP fight for a title shot on his return?

duckhuntgangsta site profile image  

12/14/13 10:17 AM by duckhuntgangsta

Exactly. George still has millions of dollars and endless pussy but now he has time to get dat ass.

benjitsu13 site profile image  

12/14/13 10:10 AM by benjitsu13