Barnett: Some fans are forgiving, some are total MMAholes


Karyn Bryant caught up with UFC Heavyweight Josh Barnett at the CSW gym in Fullerton, CA, ahead of his fight with Travis Browne.

"The War Master discussed fight fans, pre-fight WADA testing, fighters he coaches, whether he’d play Santa Claus, and of course Saturday's fight on free TV.

"It's nice to be back and fighting in the same arena that I won the title in back in 2002," said Barnett, as transcribed by MMA Fighting. Vegas is a great fight city and it's very easy for all my friends and family to be able to come out and make it to the fight. Sure, it's stressful when new things pop onto your lap (Extra PED testing Barnett is required to take by the NSACC) and you have to deal with this, and deal with this, and deal with this. But, everybody was professional and went through actually better than one can expect."

Barnett also addressed whether fans have forgiven him for the past PED test failures.

"I don't consider MMA fans any different from any other fans," he said. "I think fans in general, in this day and age, there are plenty that are forgiving, I imagine. Then there are plenty that are total a--holes and all they want to do is sit back from a high chair and try to make themselves feel better in some way by trying to knock somebody else down.

"That goes for fans of anybody in entertainment, MMA, basketball, football; all of that is considered entertainment. It's a real melting pot and everything is included and you have to deal with all of it. But, as long as those guys and gals want to spread negativity and throw out the old ether, if they're spelling my name right, they are continuing to propagate me and what I do. They clearly have interest even if it's for a negative reason."

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12/14/13 7:39 AM by Outlaw'd by Lytle

Thanks OP.

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12/14/13 3:25 AM by Wisdom100

Hapa is a huge favorit for that fight in my opinion

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12/14/13 3:04 AM by tom gunning

I love it how he describes Vegas as "the place where I won my first title back in 2002" rather than "the place where I won my first title, which I was immediately stripped of for pissing hot."The dude is a master technician and a charismatic performer, but to suggest he's "always real" is absurd. He basically accuses his detractors of being haters, as if there weren't totally legitimate reasons to hate on him for being a cheater. Why would any fan forgive someone who never showed any remorse for cheating, and instead just offered a bunch of mealy-mouthed excuses?

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12/13/13 4:01 PM by The Winter Soldier

Awesome vid. Thanks!

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12/13/13 3:29 PM by hooha

amazing to see the turn around in terms of attitude towards Josh Barnett on these forums.So many of us defended him for years while the majority bashed him personally and talent-wise. Now, it's like it's all forgotten and he's adored again.Very frustrating, indeed.Anyway, so happy he's doing well, getting his props, winning new fans, kicking ass, etc. etc. etc.To all of you who supported JB all these years - hooray for us!

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12/13/13 4:47 AM by hellride

There are a lot of dingbats in the MMA scene, love hearing a guy like Josh interviewed. Not only does he bridge the old and the new, he does it with style.

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12/13/13 2:25 AM by SporkChop

Top shelf pimpin

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12/13/13 2:09 AM by Chucklesmf