Hendricks vs. Lawler at UFC 171 to decide new welterweight champion

by Chris Palmquist |

Today a special media conference call with Georges St-Pierre and UFC President it was announced that St-Pierre would be taking a break from MMA and vacating the title. 

Of course what happens to the UFC welterweight title now?

Dana White announced that Johny Hendricks will fight Robbie Lawler to decide a new welterweight champion at UFC 171 in Dallas, Texas.

Hendricks of course just lost a close split decision loss at UFC 167 to St-Pierre in a fight that many people thought he won.

Robbie Lawler has been an impressive 3-0 since coming to the UFC from Strikeforce including wins over Josh Koscheck, Bobby Voelker, and most recently Rory MacDonald.

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MisterHawkeMMA site profile image  

12/14/13 3:21 AM by MisterHawkeMMA

What's surprising is that Hendricks doesn't feel that way at all. Said it right after the fight at the press conference and has repeated it since. He doesn't care about beating GSP, he just wants the belt. I agree with you though, if I was in that position, I would forever feel like 2nd best. Hopefully that happens to Hendricks and he starts calling GSP out, so we can get that rematch in a year from now.

Joemacka site profile image  

12/14/13 2:22 AM by Joemacka

Condit is one of my favourite fighters but i think he needs another win before fighting for the title again. Hendricks vs lawler is the right match imo

Fyuk Yu site profile image  

12/14/13 1:51 AM by Fyuk Yu

As awesome as it would be to see Lawlor fight for the title, a tournament would be way fucking cooler.

tetris site profile image  

12/13/13 10:57 PM by tetris

UFC 175 BloodSport

mathew10lb site profile image  

12/13/13 10:53 PM by mathew10lb

Give ellenburger a shot in the mix with these guys, dudes not gonna fight conservative again I bet, gonna bring violence

Winston Wolf site profile image  

12/13/13 10:10 PM by Winston Wolf

good post

Winston Wolf site profile image  

12/13/13 10:09 PM by Winston Wolf

tournement would be the most epic thing the UFC has ever done especially an 8 man as suggested above

MMAtador site profile image  

12/13/13 10:09 PM by MMAtador

Popcorn ready

alley site profile image  

12/13/13 10:03 PM by alley

Dumb decision by Dana. Missed out on a marketing opportunity - a tournament creates hype and highlights the openness of the vacated title.By simply having Hendricks fight another contender, it's just like another fight. It's almost as if Dana is emphasizing that he thought Hendricks won the last fight, so this is simply his first title defence. Perhaps that is Dana's plan?

DWray site profile image  

12/13/13 7:46 PM by DWray

There should definitely be a four man tournament. And like it or not, Shields deserves to be in it. Maia would be a shoe-in for a title shot if Shields didn't derail him.I'd say Lawler, Shields, Condit, and Hendricks.However, Matt Brown, Maia, and Woodley deserve some love in there as well.