Hendricks opens as early favorite


With today's announcement that Georges St-Pierre is vacating the welterweight title, Johny Hendricks will now fight Robbie Lawler for the UFC welterweight title.

As with most big fights, it didn't take sportsbooks long to set odds for the big fight, with Hendricks opening as an early betting favorite:

Johny Hendricks -260

Robbie Lawler +200

For those unfamiliar with the betting odds, the numbers above represent bets based around $100.00. So a $100 bet on underdog Robbie Lawler would pay out $200 and a $260.00 bet on favorite Hendricks would pay out $100.00 

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savage043 site profile image  

12/14/13 10:07 AM by savage043

Not only does Hendricks win, but dominates the entire fight.

Affliction Blackbelt site profile image  

12/14/13 9:16 AM by Affliction Blackbelt

Srs? Lawler tranes knock outs. If Hendricks isn't careful he'll get knocked out by his KO traneing.

The Perverted One site profile image  

12/14/13 6:32 AM by The Perverted One

Look at his last 3 fights not his strikeforce ones. He's improved a lot

publics_lowDown_brazilianWax site profile image  

12/14/13 1:41 AM by publics_lowDown_brazilianWax

Robbie looks much improved as of late. Can't wait!

Calavaro site profile image  

12/14/13 12:44 AM by Calavaro

I like Robbie Lawler, specially at +odds. At WW he's a scary scary dude.

quality site profile image  

12/14/13 12:34 AM by quality

I've seen most of Lawler's fights and think the odds are more than fair. At the same time you never know with Lawler. I'd bet on Hendricks though if you asked me right now especially at those odds.

Rambo John J site profile image  

12/14/13 12:20 AM by Rambo John J

you ever seen lawler fight?

Carson's Corner Fan site profile image  

12/14/13 12:18 AM by Carson's Corner Fan

War Robbie!#teamruthless

The Brool Story Company site profile image  

12/14/13 12:16 AM by The Brool Story Company

Robbie is the more diverse striker. Hendricks has the better chin probably. I think the wrestling will cancel each other out. people are overrating Hendricks' wrestling just because he held his own against GSP, I think GSP's best days were behind him and that had more to do with Hendricks's success. He looked very meh against Koscheck.

The Perverted One site profile image  

12/14/13 12:13 AM by The Perverted One

He got back to his feet, swept him, and knocked him out in the first. He showed good TDD against Rory except for times when he rocked rory and came in wildly and got taken down. Oh and btw, Robbie has Woodley now to help him with wrestling since their teammates now. Gus got phill Davis and Robbie has Woodley. Trust Robbie will win this