Hendricks: Belt, not beating GSP, what's important


 Johny Hendricks was a split decision victory, (and maybe better judging), away from being the UFC welterweight champion. St-Pierre got the nod and then walked away from the sport. Would Hendricks like the opportunity fight St-Pierre? Of course, but that's not his primary goal:

"I want the target on my back," he said. "I want everybody to come after me. That’s been my goal since I started fighting. Is that I want the gold and I want everybody to sit there saying, ‘I want to beat that guy.’ And that’s been my whole thought process through this whole time, [because] I need that. For some reason I enjoy that kind of pressure. The more pressure you can put on me and get me out of my comfort zone, the better I shine. And that’s what I wanted." 

And for Hendricks, the symbol of the belt itself has always carried greater significance than defeating an icon in the game. He made that clear before he fought St-Pierre at UFC 167, and he sticks by that idea now. When a future rematch with St-Pierre was brought up -- the magnitude of which would be severe if Hendricks was reigning 170-pound champion as he returned -- Hendricks reiterated his patented the-title-means-more-than-the-man mantra.

"I don’t care about that," he said. "Here’s the thing, if I fight GSP again I fight him again. If I don’t, I don’t. My world doesn’t revolve around him. It revolves around that belt. And that’s what I’ve been saying this whole time. I’m not fighting GSP, I want what he carried around to all those press conferences, that’s what I was fighting for, and that’s still what I’m fighting for."

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Ten eight round site profile image  

12/21/13 12:44 AM by Ten eight round

Holy fuck. Have you seen any stats??At all??You know GSP out struck hendricks hugely mid fight. The third was something like strikes 30-17 or something. hendricks largest differential was only around 4-5 strikes more in his best round.

Doem site profile image  

12/18/13 1:18 AM by Doem

I think the judging criteria is an absolute mess. Very tough to judge a close mma round with it considering that a continuum of effectiveness in grappling, striking, defense, ring control and aggressiveness just to name a few all need to be scored concurrently by the judges. Pride had its own problems even though they had different criteria. maybe there is no answer for it. You switch how gsp v hendrix is scored and maybe that system wouldnt have worked for another close fight in which there was controversy. maybe this is as good as it gets and if close ones are tough to call then that is the way it is.

Ew0k187 site profile image  

12/18/13 1:14 AM by Ew0k187

I couldn't even hear the commentary the first time I watched the fight, everyone was yelling where I watched it. You don't need your ears to see what happened. Hendricks took the fight unanimously for reasons already mentioned in this thread.

Raezor19 site profile image  

12/18/13 1:13 AM by Raezor19

I watched Live, and 2 times on pvr..... I have a hard time giving Jimi 2 rounds.....little own 2.......

Raezor19 site profile image  

12/18/13 1:11 AM by Raezor19

The point was, the challenger didn't do enough to win the belt...... Obvious from the judges decision....... Johnny didn't do enough.....superficial scratches don't score..... Watch fight again because I serious think you"re going off Rogan and Dabs call.....

Oontyex site profile image  

12/18/13 1:08 AM by Oontyex

Everyone watched him beat gsp, a poor scoring system that doesn't accurately reflect what happened in the fight doesn't detract from that accomplishment.

Ew0k187 site profile image  

12/18/13 1:07 AM by Ew0k187

Are u implying that the judges should favor the champion if it's a "close" fight? I don't see that rule in the rule book, lmao. Let me guess, you're a GSP fan.

Raezor19 site profile image  

12/18/13 1:01 AM by Raezor19

I watched again since live with 5 people that watched the rogan broadcast and everyone said they didn't see any controversy..... Some changed minds some didn't,,,, but they all agreed it was fucking close and the belt should never change hands on that close of a fight....... just sayin....

MasterofMartialArts site profile image  

12/18/13 12:58 AM by MasterofMartialArts

If Hendricks "owned" him like you say he did, there wouldn't be any controversy. Nice try.

QBBX51 site profile image  

12/18/13 12:56 AM by QBBX51

what you did there...