A day in the life of Nick Newell


"At the end of the day, you've gotta realize that life's not fair," said undefeated WSoF lightweight Nick Newell, who was born with a congenital amputation - his left arm stops just past the elbow.

"Sometimes you start a little further back from the starting line. And you're going to have to work a little bit harder, and push it faster to get to the finish. I'm willing to put in the work, to compensate for other things, to get ahead, to get to where I want to be."

Like most professional fighters, Newell wants to be in the UFC. However, UFC president Dana White has expressed serious misgivings about the possibility.

"Never, no," White said when asked about bringing Newell into the UFC. "It's hard to fight here with two arms. It's tough. There's guys that we bring in that are considered top guys on The Ultimate Fighter that don't ever really pan out and make it."

That said, White had an identical response in 2010 when asked about women in the UFC - he said "never." And then Ronda Rousey came up, and became one of the leagues top draws, and WMMA in general became so popular that another women's weight division is being added.

Until White comes around, Newell is going to do what he does best - keep winning.



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88samurai88 site profile image  

12/20/13 1:33 PM by 88samurai88

Ya i agree. Have you read my above comments? Im all for nick Newell

Martinez! site profile image  

12/20/13 7:42 AM by Martinez!

Yup. Nick's an awesome fighter and I would love to see him reach the top of the sport.But I also understand Dana's position. If Nick gets into the UFC, there will be MASSIVE media hype leading up to it. And not just from the MMA world--a one-armed kid fighting in the UFC is a great story. The kind of story that gets picked up by major media. Hell, he could end up on Oprah.So suddenly, the average American--who doesn't know shit about MMA--is cheering for Nick. Because hey, we're Americans and we love the underdog.That's all well and good. Unless Nick gets highlight-reel KO'd. Or even just beaten up and bloodied for 3 rounds.Then it's really, really bad. That kind of negative publicity could cost the UFC a ton of money in sponsors, PPV buys, etc. over the long term. And as the guy who runs the show, Dana has to think about that stuff. That's his job. Again, the way he said it sucks. But I think we'll see the same thing happen that did with women's MMA. Eventually enough fans will want to see Nick fight in the UFC that the financial positives with outweigh the negatives.

UGCTT_whoreymcdonald site profile image  

12/20/13 7:02 AM by UGCTT_whoreymcdonald

When has Dana ever been concerned about looking bad? The guy always does what he wants and couldn't normally give a shit what others think.

MRXC site profile image  

12/20/13 1:23 AM by MRXC

Everyone thinks they deserve a chance. If the guy deserves it, at some point, he'll get it.Ohh shit, I never noticed he had only one arm, why doesn't he put a metal hook or spear gun on the end of that thing and just 'marlin fish' his way to a title? I kid, I kid, I've been watching Newell grapple smash people for a few years now.

Mertvaya Ruka site profile image  

12/20/13 1:13 AM by Mertvaya Ruka

have you seen nick fight? he's the one doing the beating.

88samurai88 site profile image  

12/20/13 12:29 AM by 88samurai88

And i completely agree with you. If he keeps winning its a great story, if he gets beat down brutally it looks terrible. Only person i felt never belonged in the octagon in all my years watching mma is james toney the guy had no business in the cage with a veteran and full rounded professional mma fighter in couture.

88samurai88 site profile image  

12/20/13 12:25 AM by 88samurai88

Get hurt? There are refs to prevent lets say a severe beating, the guy is a professional he trains hard and has fought 11 times with 8 finishes against guys with 2 arms..were some of them cans? I cant honestly say but hes not gonna get hurt any more or less just because he was born without a full arm. I think we should start a "ATTN: DFWjr" thread and all sign...i believe one already is out there iirc?

88samurai88 site profile image  

12/20/13 12:21 AM by 88samurai88

If this kid keeps winning i dont think dana can keep his back to him. Besides it is a win win situation for the UFC i mean who wouldnt want to see this guy fight? There are guys on the prelims that arent as deserving as nick. I honestly think nick could have looked better out there against stout instead on mckenzie. 11-0 record. I say give the guy 1 fight and give him a chance dana...please DFWjr i assure you he wont let us fans down..the guy wants to prove people wrong and these type of people are the ones who write the best underdog feel good stories in life...

Mertvaya Ruka site profile image  

12/20/13 12:14 AM by Mertvaya Ruka

Newell is very strong, he more than deserve a chance, like anyone else.is it too much to ask to be treated the same way as everyone else?The guy don't need us to try and "protect" him.

slickmma site profile image  

12/19/13 11:45 PM by slickmma

The bottom line is he's an excellent fighter. A couple more wins and I don't think you can deny him.