Report: UFC 167 does 600-650k PPV buys


Georges St-Pierre is the supposed king of PPV for the UFC and has previously generated some of the UFC's all-time high PPV buys. At UFC 167, it seems as through St-Pierre did not draw an exceptionally high number:

UFC 167, held on Nov. 16, where he defeated Johny Hendricks in what was the most talked about decision of the year, is currently estimated at doing 600,000 to 650,000 buys, a number significantly above what Manny Pacquiao vs. Brandon Rios did a week earlier. While not as big in the United States, the latter show reportedly set records for any type of pay-per-view in Eastern Canada, where St-Pierre is from, and also reportedly set a UFC record with more than 40,000 fans across the U.S. watching in movie theaters.

The number for the Hendricks fight would be a disappointment because it would be the lowest for a St-Pierre card since 2008.

Numbers for the pay-per-view industry as a whole have been below expectations since September, after the Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Canelo Alvarez show did an estimated 2.2 million buys, and set a revenue record, generating in excess of $150 million.

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The number itself is not too disappointing, it's still a good PPV for the UFC, however it pales in comparison to St-Pierre's previous bout with Nick Diaz, which had an estimated buy of 1.2 million. Perhaps it was the lack of star power in Johny Hendricks, or perhaps bad time of the year, or lack of promotion. Could be a factor of all three.

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sawdusk site profile image  

12/20/13 11:59 AM by sawdusk

while I think the UFC has peaked and will never be bigger than it is as a whole (except for some exceptions like brock lesnar type character every once in a while), the business model is still incredibly profitable and will continue to make them money hand over fist... it just will never ever come remotely close to the vision dana spoke of...

KingofBJJ site profile image  

12/20/13 11:49 AM by KingofBJJ

40,000 fans across the U.S. watching in movie theaters.------------Huh? Since when do people watch fights in movie theaters?

Bry Bry site profile image  

12/20/13 11:49 AM by Bry Bry

surely the GSP draw potential dwindled as he kept going to 25 minute decisions..i know i even started to get bored with his fights as you knew how they would end, he would dominate wit his wrestling until the time limit ran out.. i agree about Anderson Silva not fighting guys that seem worthy..he played with so many guys and even was playing with Weidman which cost him the fight.. i dont know or understand why Jones isnt a big draw.. not too many casuals i know cared about Bendo when he was champion..

octagon 11 site profile image  

12/20/13 10:27 AM by octagon 11

Thats Why Aoki And Others Left.Ufc Doesnt Pay Salary.Shamrock Could Be Right.ppv Decreases Its Fanbase.Ufc Its Glory Days With Spike Tv.Rehired Fitchagain

FETT_UGCTT_LnPninja site profile image  

12/20/13 12:16 AM by FETT_UGCTT_LnPninja

Speculation at best.Prove sponsors cover all the expenses of putting on a ppv. Please. Show me the accounting for the fighter insurance, the overall insurance, the crew, salary, flights, hotels etc...You're speculating.

chopiesel site profile image  

12/20/13 12:09 AM by chopiesel

I thought the UFC didn't release the numbers?

ABE FROMAN CRE-AMED ME site profile image  

12/20/13 12:08 AM by ABE FROMAN CRE-AMED ME

Sponsors cover that.The FOX deal is also profitable in comparison to running their weak cards on PPV and further disenfranchising their customer base.

RKing85 site profile image  

12/20/13 12:08 AM by RKing85

lol at anyone who thinks UFC 168 is going to top a million buys.

pollice_verso site profile image  

12/20/13 12:02 AM by pollice_verso

GSP remains the biggest draw; Silva is hanging in there, but I'm surprised at how low Jones' numbers remain. He's talented, evokes strong feelings, and has a lot of mainstream potential.In terms of motivations for buying the PPV, to me, most of the time Jones and Silva seem like they're fighting guys past their prime or who don't really reflect championship material, reflecting relatively weak divisions; GSP represents someone who love or hate it will most likely give you 25 minutes of fighting against tough competition, almost every time. Poor Dana. I remember when someone asked him if he'd put GSP on a free card; he noted GSP's by far the biggest draw, and said "that would hurt".

AndersonSilvasMoney site profile image  

12/19/13 11:05 PM by AndersonSilvasMoney

This is only 75k short of what GSP- Condit did, so it's not like GSP all of the sudden only got 300k buys or a something. Definitely his lowest and not a good trend, but it's not the apocalypse either.