Benavidez: 'Nothing to learn' from KO loss


Joseph Benavidez lost his second shot at the UFC flyweight title by knockout to Demetrious Johnson at the UFC on FOX 9. In most losses, a fighter can point to a mistake or learn from the experience, but Benavidez believes it was just something that happened and he can't learn from it:

“I’m just confused about what happened,” he said. “Most of all, I feel like I was (ripped off) from a good fight. I didn’t get to perform my best and fight the best guy in the world in front of millions of people. They don’t know how I could have performed. I know I was going to have a great performance. That stuff doesn’t happen every day, and that’s what you dream about (fighting) on FOX. That’s the crappy part. A loss is a loss. Winning the world title would’ve been awesome. Fighting ‘Mighty Mouse’ and just competing in there was fun.

“The losses happen, but there’s nothing to learn from it. I know to not get hit in the face. There’s nothing to take away from it.”

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KingOfFighters site profile image  

12/24/13 4:34 PM by KingOfFighters

Benavidez was screwed because he has a midets body, with a 7 footers head that rests on that body. That guys head is fucking huge, I was staring at it, buzzing hard, and thinking no way demitrius misses that giant fucking noggin

Jason Reinhardt site profile image  

12/24/13 12:47 PM by Jason Reinhardt

I know a little how or a lot about how joe feels. Flying half way across the world and getting strangled in f$%#&^G .48 seconds unconscious (ufc 127) is exactly how I felt...I didn't even get a chance to fight. And for anyone who thinks it never leaves your mind, all I know is 1 way for this to happen. Fight again!! Joe will be back. Mighty Mouse is a class act. They both are. #Repects

Itdoesntmatter site profile image  

12/21/13 5:53 PM by Itdoesntmatter

Exactly... want to see a guy that throws with his eyes WIDE open, Hendrix.. it looks like his eyes are taped open..

FedorLikeAura site profile image  

12/21/13 5:43 PM by FedorLikeAura

Lol I hope my thread didnt cause a response from Benavidez.Dont read shit on here bro, itll be your downfall

ausgepicht site profile image  

12/21/13 5:13 PM by ausgepicht

Um...maybe to set your kicks up so you don't get KOed? Kind of hard to use head movement and footwork when you have one foot off the ground.

Stubbsy site profile image  

12/21/13 4:50 PM by Stubbsy

Pretty sure a lot of coaches would seriously disagree with him, most notably his striking coach who will probably know exactly what to work on.

shaqitup site profile image  

12/21/13 12:52 PM by shaqitup

going up to 135 right now would be really silly of him. Instead of being the #2 guy he'd probably be #4-7 or something along those lines. The division wasn't as deep when he was in it. If he wins like 4-5 in a row against top 10 guys he will be right there, FLW isn't a strong division, and there are only really like 2-3 legitimate contenders for the belt.

You Suck At Life site profile image  

12/21/13 12:44 PM by You Suck At Life

is normal hey is normal

Fobby site profile image  

12/21/13 12:37 PM by Fobby

He's just butthurt. Lol classic temper tantrum response. Nothing to learn my ass. How about don't close your eyes when you throw a punch?

steve sandstrom site profile image  

12/21/13 12:10 PM by steve sandstrom

I am still amazed at the amount of idiots here. FUEL TV NO LONGER EXISTS. Mmm K.