Browne: Barnett will have to finish me


A heavyweight bout between Josh Barnett and Travis Browne is flying under the radar in a top heavy UFC 168 PPV card, but the bout is one not to be missed. Barnett made a successful UFC debut and Browne has been floating around the top five, but is poised to make a title run. If Barnett hopes to beat Browne, then he'll have to finish the tough Hawaiian:

“I try to do different stuff for every camp,” Browne said. “Always add something you can use. Train smarter, harder.” 

He will have to first get through Barnett, a grizzled 16-year MMA veteran who has fought wars in nearly every fight league that’s existed -- Pride, Pancrase, Affliction, Dream, Sengoku, Strikeforce -- and held the UFC heavyweight title in 2002 after defeating Randy Couture. 

Barnett is an oppressive grappler, with 20 wins by a multitude of submissions. He also is a devastating striker, as evidenced by his most recent demolition of Frank Mir at UFC 164. In many ways, Barnett contrasts with Browne like day and night. If Browne is a lover and a fighter, the fighter part will have his work cut out for him. 

At 6-foot-7, Browne’s length and 79-inch reach gives him some safe distance to gauge Barnett’s striking. However, in the clinch there are few better than Barnett. That’s fine with Browne. 

“I want to be the best and fight the best. I have momentum now,” Browne said. “To stop me, my opponent is going to have to finish me to win.”

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truevalon site profile image  

12/30/13 8:07 AM by truevalon

You're welcome :) I think a lot of people have been underrating/underestimating Browne

DoomFarmer site profile image  

12/30/13 2:22 AM by DoomFarmer

Yeah yeah, I fucked up and have been underrating Browne for a long time now.Eating my crow.

Travis Bickle site profile image  

12/30/13 1:55 AM by Travis Bickle


truevalon site profile image  

12/30/13 1:49 AM by truevalon

Just gonna bump this one and say congratulations to Browne on another awesome win. Hope Barnett comes back strong though.   Servings of crow will be offered on the way out.

RyannVonDoom site profile image  

12/21/13 11:55 PM by RyannVonDoom


chokeyou site profile image  

12/21/13 9:35 PM by chokeyou


Stubbsy site profile image  

12/21/13 4:47 PM by Stubbsy

Any pros like to wade in with predictions on this?

KingofBJJ site profile image  

12/21/13 2:00 PM by KingofBJJ

Travis he will just submit you.

DoomFarmer site profile image  

12/21/13 12:28 AM by DoomFarmer

Lol, agreed

Carl Sonnen site profile image  

12/21/13 12:24 AM by Carl Sonnen

I just hope Browne doesn't let Barnett make a name off of him.