Cole Miller vows to never fight in Mass again


Cole Miller fought Manny Gamburyan at Ultimate Fight Night 26 on August 17, 2013 at the TD Garden in Boston. Near the end of the first round Gamburyan was working for a double leg takedown against the cage when Miller defended and hit him with multiple elbows, right before the round ended, stunning Gamburyan.

As the round ended, Gamburyan slumped to the ground dazed, in what was Miller's corner, unable to return to his own stool.

Miller detailed what happened to CagePotato at the time.

“I looked at Yves Lavigne, he was looking at Manny," related Miller. "I was unsure if the fight was over or if time had expired. I was looking for the ref to give us an idea of whether there was finality in the fight, or if it was an illegal blow. Later, Yves told me was a legal blow and so does the video. But at the time, if it was illegal I was looking for him to say so, take a point, give me a warning, call the fight or something. It was a confusing situation. Yves told me to go to my corner but I told him, ‘I am in my corner.’ The way Manny was there on the ground in my corner, I couldn’t raise my hands, walk away and go to my corner or anything. They actually moved me and my corner to another area while he stayed there on the ground. Yves was pointing to a direction for me to go. I was thinking, ‘I’m in my corner. Someone needs to take him to his corner.’ Over a minute and twenty passed before they had the doctor even look at him.”

The break between rounds is 60 seconds, and if a fighter cannot respond at the opening bell, he loses the fight. However, in this fight, under the supervision of the Massachusetts athletic commission, Gamburyan was given far more than a minute to recover from the legal blows, and ended up winnng a controversial decision.

Miller made a detailed eight-point appeal to the Mass commission, but was eventually denied.

Now Miller vows to BE's Nate Wilcox to never fight in Massachusetts again.

"It's bad that I have to make an accusation against the state that they broke rules. If I had broken a rule, if they had pointed out eight things, they would have considered that overwhelming evidence to fine me or suspend me, but because I had to attack their commission they thought those eight rule violations were inconclusive. It blows my mind.

"I thought about suing them, but I'm just going to let it go. I have a fight coming up, and I can't take time off to hire a lawyer and start thinking about that. They potentially robbed me of Knockout of the Night, a win bonus and a Knockout of the Night.

"The judges messed it up. The athletic commission messed it up later, and I'm just not interested in ever going back to that state. They'll never get any state taxes from future purses from me because I'm never going back."

Respect is a topic that comes up often with Miller, as does the fact that he feels there is a certain level of disrespect for him from a faction of the media and fans. One of the things that gets under his skin is the pre-fight cut list that various websites will provide leading into fight cards,

"This is still a pretty small community. Fighters do check these websites. Fighters do go to the UG and see what's in the top news, and go to their favorite websites. When these sites do these things and put that kind of stuff out, that's the last thing these fighters want to see. He's got a wife. He's got a kid, and you're already writing about how he should lose his job if he loses this fight.

"This is one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen.

"These guys bust their butts year round, and they get evaluated on their performance three times a year.

"If you worked every day, and I told you, 'Here's Bob, and you guys are both going to write an article for me, and whichever one of you writes the best article I'm going to pay that guy twice the money. The other guy will get half the money, and then he'll get fired.' You wouldn't be friends with your co-workers, you wouldn't be happy all the time. It's crazy.

"I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with that, that's what being a fighter is about, but I'm trying to help people understand what we go through, and it sucks.

"He knows he's on the cut list. He knows he's going probably going to lose his job if he loses this fight."

"In any sport, you will lose your job for underperforming, that's the bottom line. But those other jobs give you more opportunities to perform. You can't fight 16 times a year. You can't fight 162 times a year. It's unfortunate, but it's just the way it is."

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Cole Miller fights fellow The Ultimate Fighter alum Sam Sicilia at UFC Fight Night 35 in Duluth, Georgia on January 15.

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McBottery site profile image  

12/24/13 12:22 PM by McBottery

Alright, since I got frozen for my last post in this thread (lol) I guess I'll post my legit opinion.The ref fucked up here. There is no doubt about that. But in order for the result to be changed to a NC for Cole, it will have to be changed to a NC for Manny too, and I do not believe he should lose his W.At the end of the round, Cole landed a shot that was very close to the illegal area on Manny. I think Manny thought it was an illegal shot and tried to play it up (which I think is shitty to do, but it happens all the time). Because of the refs indecisiveness in the situation, he continued to act hurt. I think if the ref right away was like "It was legal, Manny return to your corner or it's a TKO" he would have returned to his corner. In no way should this have been an immediate TKO for Cole, but you could argue Manny was saved by the bell.So ultimately, the big mistake here was that both fighters got some extra time in between rounds. Fact of the matter is Cole still lost the next two rounds. Manny went out there and fought his ass off and won them.I don't feel this way to spite Cole or anything, but he isn't the only one affected by this situation. Manny deserves and earned that W.

JeffersonDArcyChoke site profile image  

12/22/13 2:52 PM by JeffersonDArcyChoke

It's happened to me. I was mopping the restroom floor in Fashion Bug Plus and my bitch manager Bev came in and kicked my bucket over. I had to mop the whole floor again, I lost all I had accomplished and then she fired me the next day because of something to do with sniffing pants that had been tried on. Been there. Lost everything at work.

Stephen Eakin site profile image  

12/22/13 8:41 AM by Stephen Eakin

I've only seen one and it was a local show.

Al Cappucino site profile image  

12/22/13 8:09 AM by Al Cappucino


Chiron site profile image  

12/22/13 6:58 AM by Chiron

Always a big Cole Miller fan and that fight irritated me. Talk about a BS decision. Sucks cuz, imo, Cole should be on a 4 fight win streak right now but instead he's 2-2 with his 2 losses being close/controversial decisions.

Old noob site profile image  

12/22/13 12:26 AM by Old noob

Then what? Then I guess Yves could fuck things up in a whole lot of places. My guess is they'd do a better job of sorting things out than the shit job done by Mass.

circa305 site profile image  

12/21/13 9:34 PM by circa305

I would have handled it the exact same way Cole. You did what you could to try and make it right. More power to ya.

ColeMillerATT site profile image  

12/21/13 9:24 PM by ColeMillerATT

Thanks to everyone for the support it's appreciated big time. And also to those that think I'm "crying"...i didnt get on a soapbox, I was interviewed and directly asked about the decision from the athletic commission, details regarding it, and how I felt...apparently the media knows it was messed up and likes to expose these commissions and wrong doings to promote some good change in a sport we care about. Sorry if you don't like me or what I have to say...must be Junie Browning fans.

D241 site profile image  

12/21/13 8:59 PM by D241

I like many fighters, and most fighters. But if I had to name a few fighters whom I really like, Cole Miller would be proud to be on my list of guys like Randy, Anderson, Fedor, Igor, Sakuraba, Joe Lauzon, Cole Miller, Nick & Nate, Cain...   I think UFC brass recognized what most knowledable fight fans recognize. He comes to fight for 1, and 2, his "losses" are anything but losses. Many should've been draws or at least favored him. He doesn't lose, time runs out in his action packed fights.  Technical fighters who are active and really go for it, are the best thing to watch in the sport imo. Diaz bros, Cole, Joe Lauzon, always take your pee breaks before their fights.

Shepherd Wong site profile image  

12/21/13 8:45 PM by Shepherd Wong

Fuck you.