Forrest Griffin: Too many regrets to put into words


As 2013 comes to a close, The Las Vegas Sun asked 13 Nevada personalities 13 questions, they had to answer in 13 words or less. The magnificent 13 included UFC Hall of Famer Forrest Griffin. Rebecca Clifford-Cruz asked the questions, excerpted below.

Rebecca Clifford-Cruz: What person, living or dead, do you admire most?

Forrest Griffin: Ghandi, or Inigo Montoya.

RCC: What is the quality you like best about a person?

FG: Come on, Ghandi, do you really need a reason?

RCC: What is your most recognizable characteristic?

FG: My satellite dish-like ears.

RCC: What makes you happy?

FG: Coffee and sex but never at the same time.

RCC: What is your most embarrassing moment as a prominent figure?

FG: During a fight with Anderson Silva, I slipped on an imaginary banana peel.

RCC: Any regrets this past year?

FG: So many I cannot put into words. Thanks for bringing it up.

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TheVandalz site profile image  

12/23/13 5:51 PM by TheVandalz

Friend of mine sneezed a huge gunky boogerload all over Forrest's brand new Scion at a Grappler's Quest weigh-in shortly after he won TUF. Forrest was getting out of it and saw the whole thing. He was way too disgusted to say anything and went in for his open workout. Win or lose, always been a fan! haha

ohpossum site profile image  

12/23/13 12:29 PM by ohpossum

Fascinating article. I hope we get more great insights soon

TheDarkPassenger site profile image  

12/23/13 11:45 AM by TheDarkPassenger

I always thought he was fun to watch. He may never have had the hardest punches but he was usually good for a good scrap.

Mark Hunts Pet Monkey site profile image  

12/23/13 11:44 AM by Mark Hunts Pet Monkey

Always loved this guy. He had his flaws but what a cool dude overall. His books are fucking hilarious too.

ABE FROMAN CRE-AMED ME site profile image  

12/23/13 11:44 AM by ABE FROMAN CRE-AMED ME

He had the chance to go to war with Franklin, instead of using his 245 lb. "LHW" frame to smother him and give noogies.You know what maybe they should let Rich knock Forrest out for his last fight? Put a special "no lay and pray" clause in there.

Chaelismyhero site profile image  

12/23/13 11:39 AM by Chaelismyhero

I have always loved Forrest. A great champion and one of the toughest guys to ever fight. War Forrest!

Injury_Duty site profile image  

12/23/13 11:38 AM by Injury_Duty

Inigo Montoya?Lmao.This guy.

One&Done site profile image  

12/23/13 11:33 AM by One&Done

I have similar thoughts on Forrest. Was always a fan but the way he went out was weird and awkward. Not getting KO'd left and right like Chuck but almost seemingly mentally breaking down getting strange, pouty and morose in his interviews when he had them. .

Jimmi fixed my sn site profile image  

12/23/13 11:14 AM by Jimmi fixed my sn

One of my favorite fighters of all time, shame he went out like he did, running out of the cage and stuff like that

discodrew site profile image  

12/23/13 11:12 AM by discodrew

A true ultimate fighter.LHW champ.Best legends.He should look back and be proud.