Rousey: Tate got a title shot because of her 'nice ass'


UFC women's bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey was interviewed recently by Jim Rome on CBS Sports Radio, and offered a theory on why Miesha Tate got the title shot Saturday night.

“She had an embarrassing and bad performance against Julie Kedzie," said Rousey. "She lost and got dropped by an elbow by Cat Zingano. She was getting beat pretty bad, then Cat hurt her knee. Miesha has a nice ass and an ongoing rivalry with me and that’s the only reason she was picked for this fight.”

"There's no comparison --?? I'??m an Olympic athlete and she'??s a high school wrestler... She has to make it personal because she can’t make it an athletic rivalry because there really is no comparison."

Rousey was also asked when she might retire, but did say her goals include being the sole undefeated female bantamweight in the UFC.

"??It'??s hard to have an exact clock," said Rousey. "I definitely have certain short-term goals I know need to be met. After those are met, then I'll reevaluate."

The two undefeated female bantamweights at present are Cat Zingano and Sara McMann.

"??After that, I can reassess and look at my next goal,"?? she said.

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GarlicSauce site profile image  

12/25/13 4:30 PM by GarlicSauce

The above gif with the jiggling ass, is that really Miesha? What fight is that?

Jone2tone site profile image  

12/25/13 4:25 PM by Jone2tone

I wonder if she'll give Miesha an oil check.

octowussy site profile image  

12/25/13 4:21 PM by octowussy

"Miesha has to make it personal"** Gives Miesha the finger during a rock climbing competition **

huggy bear site profile image  

12/25/13 12:39 PM by huggy bear

Miesha does have a nice ass and is sexy in general I personally think she's a lot sexier then Rhonda but no one beats Gina Carano. I bet the UFC would make a FW division if she came back.

TFK_BOZY site profile image  

12/25/13 8:25 AM by TFK_BOZY

Thats worth the xtra $5 imo!

Rabid Bunyip site profile image  

12/25/13 8:15 AM by Rabid Bunyip

Ronda by ass bar?

Pitbull3744 site profile image  

12/25/13 8:13 AM by Pitbull3744

Try too look at the nose. You can clearly see it's not Miesha. Also Mieshas ass is tighter and the insert on the bottom is higher up.Fuck I am looking way too hard

YouCantHandleMyRiddum site profile image  

12/25/13 6:36 AM by YouCantHandleMyRiddum

It's just funny that the insertions are the same. Ya, I don't believe her.

Pitbull3744 site profile image  

12/25/13 6:21 AM by Pitbull3744

Yup then Ronda gets naked for ESPN but it's all good lol.

nobones site profile image  

12/25/13 4:46 AM by nobones

Miesha said almost the exact same thing when Ronda got her title shot against her.  And Ronda called her a hypocrite because Miesha had taken glamour pics in booty shorts before.