'Ronda' Claus' gifts for Christmas


The women’s bantamweight champ, Ronda Rousey takes on the role of the mythical gift giver and shares what she would hand out to Miesha Tate, Dana White, Anderson Silva and other stars of the UFC.

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Masakyst site profile image  

12/27/13 1:56 AM by Masakyst

Wonder how many friends and family got a ripped up t-shirt from her, and had to pretend that they liked it.

Team GDP site profile image  

12/27/13 1:42 AM by Team GDP

she is saying the steroids gave cyborg a mustache. she would give her the no no, which is a hair trimmer, so cyborg could remove said hair. http://www.my-no-no.com/

CindyO site profile image  

12/27/13 1:17 AM by CindyO

I know I'm gonna regret admitting this but I don't get the joke:(. Some help, please? Thanks:)Cindy

Mojo514 site profile image  

12/26/13 5:55 PM by Mojo514

Lol Ronda's hilarious, cant wait for her fight with Meisha

Vasechkin site profile image  

12/26/13 3:43 PM by Vasechkin

so she wants to give Duke some ol "in and out". Interesting.

Chromium site profile image  

12/26/13 1:07 PM by Chromium

Did you not see the Assassin's Creed IV "Advertorial" a couple months back?

Raj aldo site profile image  

12/26/13 7:14 AM by Raj aldo

Yes because if your an ass to one person and nice to others then thats fine... shocking. ..

Bucephalus site profile image  

12/26/13 2:57 AM by Bucephalus

Good luck on Saturday, Meisha.

OUTCOLD site profile image  

12/26/13 2:50 AM by OUTCOLD

Why the fuck is this a sticky?This place has really sold it's soul.

CrazyPope site profile image  

12/26/13 2:41 AM by CrazyPope

fucking lol, VTFU