Miesha: WWE type fans fall for Rousey


Miesha Tate and Ronda Rousey don't get along. Miesha Tate and Tara LaRosa don't get along, too, but Tate respects LaRosa a pioneer of women's MMA, some one who gave her all for very little return. Tate sees Rousey in the opposite light - as someone who sacrificed little for WMMA, but got the world.

"Every single woman that fights MMA has done just as much work as Ronda has, we just haven't gotten as much turnaround," said Tate on FOX Sports. "Those women who came before her haven’t been on magazine covers, they weren't plastered everywhere by the UFC. They didn't get the same reward back. She got 10 times back what she was putting in and maybe everyone else was getting 1 to 1."

"That motivates me. I think about the sacrifices I had to put into this sport and the girls before me, they sacrificed even more."

"I know what it was like to be fighting for breadcrumbs and not to be taken seriously. I didn't just jump into this. It's no disrespect to Ronda, she's a great athlete. But there's another side to the story that people aren't seeing. Girls didn't get the same things Ronda has gotten."

"She runs her mouth. She's very loud, very boisterous, very opinionated. Love her or hate her, you take notice of her. I think that's the biggest thing. She's different than most of the girls who fight in MMA."

"A lot of fans out there have the WWE mentality. Those are the fans that fell hook line and sinker and loved her. She was that controversial one, that s--- talker, she started drama."

Tate fights Rousey in the co-main event of UFC 168 Saturday night, live on PPV.

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12/28/13 1:04 AM by SonOfThePeepHole


JustSaying site profile image  

12/28/13 12:58 AM by JustSaying

I meant gold medalist in the Pan Ams ;)

Arzn1ck site profile image  

12/28/13 12:29 AM by Arzn1ck

Bronze but yea she's going to beat Tate.

JustSaying site profile image  

12/27/13 10:22 PM by JustSaying

Lmao seriously. Ronda is a fucking Olympic gold medalist... OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALIST.Tate needs to focus in her preparation for this loss.

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12/27/13 7:39 PM by Cole Can Grapple


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12/27/13 7:30 PM by SOO72

Tate didn't pay her dues to get this fight.

Arzn1ck site profile image  

12/27/13 6:46 PM by Arzn1ck

Misha came off as really jealous and whiny on the countdown show.

Ronin_jutsuka site profile image  

12/27/13 5:27 PM by Ronin_jutsuka

This... And VTFU.

BRMF site profile image  

12/27/13 5:20 PM by BRMF

Whoa whoa whoa, let's not jump to conclusions about Miesha not putting in the time, struggling and working hard herself. I mean, would YOU have fucked Caraway for this many years without blowing your head off?

Shogun of Harlem site profile image  

12/27/13 4:45 PM by Shogun of Harlem

I was going to come on and say that I agree with Miesha, but the points made on this thread have changed my mind. An UG first! Great job posters! vtfu