Hall: I don't have that killer instinct


Urijah Hall was one of the most touted fighters to come out of a season of the Ultimate Fighter to date. But after a disappointing 0-2 start in the UFC, Hall knows he has to win at UFC 168:

"I feel like this fight is a do or die, but I also look at it as a way to bring that side out of me," he says. "It’s kind of hard to explain. It’s like these two losses make me appreciate the wins more. It just kind of changed me to understand what I’m fighting for. And to go in there and put all those emotions aside. It’s something I’ve struggled with for a long time. 

"Because, again, I don’t have that killer instinct. I don’t know how to go in there and kill someone. But I do know how to pick you apart and dismantle you. It was just focusing on that and understanding it and I’m at a point where I’m working with some great guys. I’m up here in Portland man and chopping trees and punching meet, that Rocky mentality, and it feels good." 

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Jo'donnell-Davies site profile image  

12/27/13 7:43 AM by Jo'donnell-Davies

Punching meat with his fartbox

Affliction Blackbelt site profile image  

12/27/13 6:08 AM by Affliction Blackbelt

Urea just needs to eat some red meet & watch some pawn. Then he'll get that killer insect.

Arlovskis Chin site profile image  

12/27/13 5:59 AM by Arlovskis Chin

Honestly urijah IMO

kungfumullet site profile image  

12/26/13 10:21 PM by kungfumullet

I feel like it's not completely accurate to say that his not having the killer instinct is what his problem is. On TUF, he had plenty of killer instinct when he was fighting guys who aren't as good. I think if anything his issue is that he doesn't have mental fortitude. He doesn't push through adversity well and he needs things to be going his way to perform well. You can't imagine him doing what Diego did in round 3 against Melendez for example... coming back with a fury after being down two rounds. I think if he were winning any of his last fights he wouldn't have had a problem going for the finish.

KingofBJJ site profile image  

12/26/13 9:46 PM by KingofBJJ

urijah vs uriah.  Who would win?

cloudkicker site profile image  

12/26/13 9:41 PM by cloudkicker

Well if he bought an Xbox 1 he could get killer instinct... problem solved.

Ziga site profile image  

12/26/13 9:17 PM by Ziga

It's hard to believe that two professionals would not implement a spell check at the very least, after so many reminders.I think they intentionally make the mistakes they make, so this kind of debates are a "thing" on the UG, the blogs shtick.Anyhow, can't weight to sea their stairdown at the wait in, when they meat, meet to meet.

UGCTT_painbringer site profile image  

12/26/13 9:03 PM by UGCTT_painbringer

uriah punching meet

Dafuq Eezgonon site profile image  

12/26/13 8:19 PM by Dafuq Eezgonon

Voted down

MahatmaPetey site profile image  

12/26/13 8:03 PM by MahatmaPetey

I hope he finds that killer instinct. Starting off 0-2 in the UFC it has to be tough just to make ends meat.