White: Tate beating Rousey would second biggest upset ever


In Dana White's opinion, Matt Serra defeated Georges St-Pierre was the biggest upset in the promotion's history. And if Miesha Tate were to defeat Ronda Rousey at UFC 168, it would the second biggest upset ever:

"Even if Miesha Tate beats Ronda Rousey I would still have to say when Matt Serra beat Georges St-Pierre, that's got to be the biggest upset ever in UFC history," White told FOX Sports Live on Thursday night.

What Tate can accomplish with a win over Rousey is jump over other notable upsets like Gonzaga defeating Cro Cop or 40-plus year old Randy Couture coming out of retirement and winning the UFC heavyweight title after 12 months away from the sport.

"It's No. 2 for sure," White said where Tate beating Rousey would fit in the all time UFC upset list.

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What does the UG think? Do you think White's pick for biggest upset is correct, and would Tate beating Rousey be second on your list?

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Kinkle site profile image  

12/28/13 12:34 PM by Kinkle

Weidman vs Anderson was not that big of an upset.

kalt site profile image  

12/28/13 11:05 AM by kalt

Tate isn't even the biggest underdog on this card (according to the current betting odds).

Timtek site profile image  

12/28/13 11:04 AM by Timtek

TITLE PICTURE BIGGEST UPSETS1) Serra v GSP2) Weideman v Andy3) Werdum v Fedor4) Chandler v Alvarez I5) Mike Brown v Faber I6) Edgar v Penn I7) Benson v Pettis (WEC)8) Gustafsson v Jones*9) Hendricks v GSP** denotes almost. Not sure where the Rousey v Tate fight would fall if an upset. Will have to wait and see.

BigEyedFish site profile image  

12/28/13 10:42 AM by BigEyedFish

why would anyone be shocked if a fighter who has given her back to her opponents in her last couple of fights and has been in legit trouble in several instances loses a fight?

DanCrase site profile image  

12/28/13 7:13 AM by DanCrase

...no.   Just, no.

Kwic site profile image  

12/28/13 6:53 AM by Kwic

It would be an upset for sure, but 2nd biggest? Not even close.

FightToLive site profile image  

12/28/13 6:00 AM by FightToLive

Gota hand it to her though! I would never get in the cage with someone again if they snapped my arm?

JustAnotherMMAFan site profile image  

12/28/13 5:23 AM by JustAnotherMMAFan

You know, Ronda never faced a top grappler, except for Miesha herself, who was arguably emotional in their first fight. Yet, Ronda nearly tapped to a BJJ blue belt (Carmouche), who was supposed to be a cannon fodder and only got a title shot , because she offered no risks to Ronda. Carmouche, in spite of her good ground game, was no match for an Olympic judoka in that area.In Ronda and Miesha's first fight, there were times it was competitive, and there were times Miesha gave openings for Ronda to finish her.I do believe that, if Miesha keeps her head cool, she might surprise a lot of people.I do think Ronda is the favourite based on her speed and strength advantage, and also on her aggressiveness... But this is far from a mismatch, and, even if Miesha loses, this might show a different Ronda.

Il Duce site profile image  

12/28/13 1:33 AM by Il Duce

I wonder how it would feel to have people give serious consideration to every asinine thing I said.

FrankenBeans site profile image  

12/28/13 12:06 AM by FrankenBeans

its ok brother, im with you. sometimes it's taken too seriously, and I do it too. im excited for the the fight, heres a vu for you man.