Is there a double standard in MMA for Rousey?


When Ronda Rousey refused to shake Miesha Tate's proffered hand immediately following their fight Saturday night, commentator Joe Rogan described the boos as the loudest he ever heard, making it difficult to even hear the replies.

However, more boorish behavior on the part of some male fighters has received a far different reaction, even celebration.

Justin Pierrot, writing for MMASucka, suggests that the differing reactions are due to gender bias.

We expect women to not show their anger or their frustration in aggressive ways, but instead keep it inside, or – worse still – break down into hysterics.

Many of these people also likely cheered Nate Diaz when he gave the double birds to Kurt Pelligrino during his fight-ending triangle choke.

This past Saturday night Ronda Rousey defeated her nemesis, Miesha Tate, and declined a handshake.

(Image courtesy of Esther Lin)

While it’s certainly an act far from the norm in MMA (even more so on the women’s side of the sport), it’s certainly not the most disrespectful thing to do after a victory. Remember Tito Ortiz? Long before he became a walking punch line, “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy” was mocking his defeated opponents by pantomiming that he was digging their graves. This act was done mere seconds after being pulled off of them by the referee stopping the fight. This act gained him innumerable fans.

So how is declining a handshake any worse than that? Before any of you start talking the traditional martial arts credo of respect for all, first ask yourself if you expect the same out of your favorite male fighters. If the answer is, “No,” then ask yourself why that is. If your answer to Question #2 is something along the lines of “Boys will be boys,” then congratulations: You’ve got gender bias.

We live in an equal society. Men and women are both allowed to act as they wish, and moral outrage over behavior should not be a double standard. You can disagree with someone’s actions – and for the record, I don’t agree with Rousey’s decision despite understanding why she made it – but apply the same standard. If not shaking a hand or shouting in a foe’s face is bad, then pretending to dig your opponent’s grave is worse; regardless of who does it. You can’t cut someone more or less slack simply because of what’s between their legs. It’s that simple.

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What do you think UG? Is admired bad boy behavior suddenly noxious if a woman does the same thing too?

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WISEGUY66 site profile image  

12/31/13 11:05 AM by WISEGUY66


demonsurge site profile image  

12/31/13 9:52 AM by demonsurge

Frank also has absolutely no charisma. People wanted to see Frank lose.Tate on TUF was fairly endearing while Ronda was portrayed as whiny. But I do agree with the sexism in MMA thing, the fact that Ronda is in the p4p list is because of gender and gender only (something I completely disagree with, her skillset is not on par with men of her size, nothing to do with gender).

octowussy site profile image  

12/31/13 9:45 AM by octowussy

Shit, this isn't tennis? Why didn't someone tell us earlier?I recall plenty of people calling guys like Tito and Nick Diaz disrespectful. Unless you can find someone somewhere who openly lauded one while chastising the other, then there's no case here.Think about how every little move Jon Jones makes is dissected and criticized here. Imagine if he refused to shake someone's hand.

hadtosayit site profile image  

12/31/13 8:36 AM by hadtosayit

Not shaking hands is normal in MMA. This is not tennis guys. Ronda has better ground game than 90% of the male rooster. Regardless our personal opinions, I like her a lot btw, Im of the Sith too, but she will never be an idol. its like here in Brazil, if you are a great soccer player but people dont like you, you wont have much respect and legacy, even if you get good results, as soon as you stop playing or make a mistake, you become hated.

CombatVette49 site profile image  

12/31/13 8:15 AM by CombatVette49

This is EXACTLY why I didn't like Ronda doing it.  And EXACTLY why I LIKED Lesnar doing it.  If Meisha had done it to Ronda, I would have LOVED IT!!!

ssj site profile image  

12/31/13 2:17 AM by ssj

MMA has been taken over by dumbass little virgin kids who need to take a step in a dojo and learn some respect

ssj site profile image  

12/31/13 2:16 AM by ssj

lol at this little bitch boy white knightingshut up dork

mikerobmma site profile image  

12/31/13 2:02 AM by mikerobmma

I think you misspelled valid reasons as "excuses."

RileyPust site profile image  

12/31/13 1:40 AM by RileyPust

It's not a matter of people forgetting anything "so fucking simple," it's a matter of some people becoming too emotionally invested in Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate. Even Miesha isn't thinking about the handshake snub by now. The strangest thing about all this outrage is that it's overshadowing the fact that WEIDMAN BROKE SILVA'S LEG LIKE A FUCKING TWIG! What is WRONG with you people?!

MMA6053 site profile image  

12/31/13 12:08 AM by MMA6053

I read these posts from people claiming it doesn’t matter, stop whining, get over it and assorted well thought out childish responses and wonder whether these same people have actually participated in any form of martial arts and if so who the fuck were their coaches.Every single coach I had bar none had always said the very same thing in respect to our discipline, that is, when it’s used in a situation of true defence, say out on the street to defend yourself or others then you do what you have to do…...But when you’re practicing it in a competitive environment then no matter what level of cunt your opposition is you still display a measure of RESPECT for him/her, their coaches, your coaches and the sport.Unbelievable how many people on here forget something so fucking simple……