Meltzer: Lesnar rumors were apparently a publicity stunt


There are few people who know more about MMA than Dave Meltzer. No one on Earth knows more about MMA and pro wrestling combined. Thus the below report can be read with a great degree of confidence.

After a weekend of questions not being asked and rumors abounding about Brock Lesnar returning to the UFC, it now appears much of it was a publicity stunt to get his name out for his return to World Wrestling Entertainment at Monday's live Raw show in Richmond, Va.

Lesnar, 36, who was the biggest drawing heavyweight champion in UFC history, signed a lucrative one-year contract with WWE in April 2012, and then signed a two-year renewal before that deal expired.

UFC president Dana White, over the weekend, had said that he didn't know anything about Lesnar rumors, which resurfaced regarding a match with Emelianenko. But given the news last night that Lesnar would return to WWE, it made the timing of those rumors as likely a publicity plant to build for his return to pro wrestling Monday.

All talk of Lesnar doing MMA is just that.  The stories have usually cited that Lesnar has a unique WWE deal that would allow him to fight, which is not the case.

"WWE has exclusive rights to services (to Lesnar) and such exclusivity extends to ultimate fighting competitions," said a WWE official.

Lesnar's WWE contract will not expire until April 2015.

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91W209 site profile image  

12/31/13 1:08 AM by 91W209

Im not gonna lie, I fell for that shit. Fucked up dude...

GSDbestbreed site profile image  

12/31/13 12:36 AM by GSDbestbreed

So much fuckery in both Organizations. Enough with the secrets, publicity stunts, rumors etc. Jesus, every party doesnt need to be a surprise party. Make, or dont make a deal. Either way, enough with the shenanigans.

UGCTT_SidRival site profile image  

12/31/13 12:34 AM by UGCTT_SidRival

"WWE has exclusive rights to services (to Lesnar) and such exclusivity extends to ultimate fighting competitions," said a WWE official.I know that they said ultimate fighting competitions are out of the question, but what about MMA?

Madrugadao site profile image  

12/31/13 12:29 AM by Madrugadao

So, is it possible it was Zuffa that put it out there?

Golden Boy site profile image  

12/31/13 12:06 AM by Golden Boy

Dave's track record speaks for itself.

hammers hamil site profile image  

12/30/13 11:42 PM by hammers hamil

first of all alot of what dave said is bullshit 100%... Im not affiliated nor do I have an interest in wwe and in no way shape or form did I create a publicity stunt lol i never said anything about a fedor report this thing spiraled out of control...Somebody is trying too cover tracks and its not me... Brock did sign a licensing deal and was well known and there where other talks also brock did not do this for publicity or too leverage money from wwe for better contracts total bullshit...Brock was discussing coming back fact his camp say they can take mma fights ive been told numerous times after wrestlemania he is taking a sabatical... he has until march too make a decision on ufc for marketing and promotion that needs too be done... I will update when i get more info but in no way do i support a fucking wrestling company for publicity something is very fishy...

Captfireeyes site profile image  

12/30/13 9:07 PM by Captfireeyes

What got me excited was all the talk that both him and Fedor are in Vegas and they were holding a press conference. Then the picture that got tweeted which seemed to be a UFC contract with Brocks signature on it. After the press conference I was disappointed, but then the rumors were that they would announce it during the prelims. When that didn't happen, I was more disappointed. I'm sure the hope of hearing the announcement of Brock vs Fedor got some people interested in buying the PPV who were on the fence about it. I'm sure they knew this would generate buzz before the event, which benefits the UFC and Brock with his upcoming WWE gig.

ChaosOverkill site profile image  

12/30/13 8:56 PM by ChaosOverkill

still not payin

Golden Boy site profile image  

12/30/13 8:47 PM by Golden Boy

You'd think that with the growth of the sport and this forum there would be more insiders here. I don't have a Twitter and this is the only "Mma" site I visit. You noobs need to step your game up.

MMALOGIC site profile image  

12/30/13 8:44 PM by MMALOGIC

Fight Pass is the Future... Brock is the Past...  Let's focus on the future.  Sing with me brothers...