Johnson: I want the belt


After losing in the finals of the Ultimate Fighter, Michael Johnson went 4-3 over the next two years. Recently however, Johnson has defeated two of the lightweight divisions top veterans in Joe Lauzon and Gleison Tibau, and now believes he can make a run at the UFC lightweight title:

“I’m really not in the business of calling people out,” Johnson said. “I want anybody who is in front of me. If you’re in front of me, if you’re in a position in front of me, I want to fight you.”

After two big wins in 2013, Johnson will enter the new year with a full head of steam and the momentum of unrivaled personal success. He foresees a landmark year in 2014. The best opponents in the world stand in his way of getting there, but Johnson said he’s ready to defeat any of them.

“Wherever I am in the rankings doesn’t matter,” Johnson said. “Put someone in front of me who leads to the title, and I’ll beat them.”

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UGCTT_WarHunt site profile image  

1/1/14 5:49 PM by UGCTT_WarHunt

actually i toned it down from what originally came out of my ass demon.I don't like Johnson for reasons that are petty and stupid, i think he's probably a really great guy in real life. Seems very chill and would be fun to kick it with.but his attitude of cawkiness that seems to have rubbed off on him from rashawd is something i dont like. or it could be that i'm a racist and don't like black people. But ofc that doesn't explain my love for Bob Sapp.Just let me make something out of this that isn't there to feed my fantasies and my desire for TMZ behavior. I'm inspired to hate by my Yin (female) element, therefore i seek drama.

Erik Tracey site profile image  

1/1/14 5:19 PM by Erik Tracey

Wasn't a fan of his on TUF, but he's made me a fan as of late. He's evolved so much.

TheBulgarianAssassin site profile image  

1/1/14 5:16 PM by TheBulgarianAssassin

At least he knows he isn't highly ranked so he's not calling out the champ. Props to him.

Willo232 site profile image  

1/1/14 5:14 PM by Willo232

You are a dumbass, that fight (and the gleison fight) showed me that Lauzon has nothing for Johnson, id take Johnson ten times outta ten.But hey, Lauzon just unimpressively beat Mac Danzig who is 1-4 in his last 5 and 5-8 overall in the UFC, so he must of just had an off night against Johnson. Derp.

PhuckfaceMcGee site profile image  

1/1/14 5:05 PM by PhuckfaceMcGee

An article saying that a fighter wants the belt. Great journalism.

MMALOGIC site profile image  

1/1/14 4:49 PM by MMALOGIC

Id like to see Johnson vs Barboza or Bobby Green.

TFK_HossPearson site profile image  

1/1/14 4:47 PM by TFK_HossPearson

He's come a long way since the Ultimate Fighter finale against Brookins. Very exciting matches out there.

UGCTT_FryedTakayama site profile image  

1/1/14 4:39 PM by UGCTT_FryedTakayama

I'd like to see Johnson vs Barboza

Bat21 site profile image  

1/1/14 4:38 PM by Bat21

Johnson is a very good fighter. I don't know what happened in his life that resulted in the 4-3 record since TUF, but it looks like he's got it ironed out. I fully expected Tibau to take him easily and was pleasantly shocked to watch Johnson turn the tables. 

white site profile image  

1/1/14 4:33 PM by white

Lose money on the Lauzon fight - or are you being an asshat for other, more inexcusable reasons? I really don't understand the vitriolic statements you're directing towards Johnson and his career, based on this interview - or any of his other public statements.Was he an ass to you in person? Steal your girlfriend? Do something horrible to your family?You gave to remember you're talking about a fellow human being - not a fucking cartoon character. It's possible to state an opinion - albeit a negative one, sans looking like you were raised by drunken circus clowns with Napoleon complexes.