Fertitta: Weidman vs Belfort will be in Vegas


A lot has been said about Vitor Belfort and his use of TRT. Some skeptics believe that the UFC was keeping his fights in Brazil to avoid having him testing more diligently in the United States. True or not, Belfort is a huge draw in Brazil and that is more than enough to have him fight there.

However, when he fights Chris Weidman the bout will be one of the biggest for the UFC of the year, and those bouts tend to happen in Las Vegas. According to CEO of the UFC, Lorenzo Fertitta, this fight is being planned for Las Vegas:

The UFC is planning to promote a middleweight title fight between Chris Weidmanand Vitor Belfort in Las Vegas.

UFC CEO and co-owner Lorenzo Fertitta confirmed the plans to ESPN.com via text on Thursday. Weidman will be seeking the second defense of his 185-pound title.

"Depending on Chris Weidman, I'd like to do Vegas [in] May or July," Fertitta said.

Belfort (24-10) has not fought inside the U.S. since August 2011. He fought three times in 2013, all of which took place in his native country of Brazil.

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RyannVonDoom site profile image  

1/4/14 3:27 AM by RyannVonDoom

They'll pull a switch

Reed Rothchild site profile image  

1/4/14 3:24 AM by Reed Rothchild

This should be a Brazilian stadium... Why does Whinemen always get to fight in US?

Jack Skellington site profile image  

1/4/14 2:25 AM by Jack Skellington

weather people want to admitt it or not this is HUGE but this should still be one hell of a fight

stevekt site profile image  

1/3/14 8:27 PM by stevekt

What were the last few fight moments Vitor looked bad since the Anderson fight? Jones beat him up pretty good after defending the armbar and Johnson had a few good minutes. Other than that I think Vitor has looked like championship material. This should be a super fight. Not to be confused with Superfight.

ISawSilva'sBONEr site profile image  

1/3/14 8:23 PM by ISawSilva'sBONEr

Weidman has no say in the matter. Dana will make them fight well before then. Why have 2 healthy fighters on the sideline for 7 months. Just stupid.

SiriusXM Fight Club site profile image  

1/3/14 8:08 PM by SiriusXM Fight Club

What's your point? Rashad already fought (Albeit in a snooze fest of a fight) and dominated Phil Davis at his own game, wrestling. DC is an Olympic caliber/All American wrestler who was a top contender at HW. Where are you going with this?

JeffersonDArcyChoke site profile image  

1/3/14 6:19 PM by JeffersonDArcyChoke

It'll be July. No real reason to wait that long but I think Weidman will want to enjoy the title and have a little fun before another camp. It's the boxing, fight once or twice a year template and only guys who cannot draw will be forced to fight more often. Like Benson was and Mighty Mouse at present. Either Belfort wins or Weidman wins and they learn the new king can't draw like the old one. For now he is being treated like a draw and this fight won't happen until July.

The_Spider site profile image  

1/3/14 6:17 PM by The_Spider

I want the Aldo vs Pettis superfight this year. I wouldn't mind seeing Barao or Cruz vs Aldo too.The superfights of the other weight classes aren't that interesting to me.I was thinking Jones vs Cain would be good, but after the Gus fight I'm not too sure.

ISawSilva'sBONEr site profile image  

1/3/14 5:34 PM by ISawSilva'sBONEr

How the fuck can anyone argue against Aldo being the most dominant champ. Especially after he easily beat the former LW champ and would beat the current one. Hell I would back him against any WW in the world. Let's see how Weidman does against Vitor Machida and Jacare before making stupid statements.

wrx08sti site profile image  

1/3/14 5:12 PM by wrx08sti

all i can say is, the fight happening stateside is nothing but FAIR. you shouldnt be given these second chance exemptions for cheating, nor should you claim to be the next champ if you wont even fight outside of your backyard.