Saffiedine, Lim earn $50k bonuses


Tarrec saffiedine and Hyun Gyu Lim battled hard and exciting for five rounds in the main event of UFN 34, and were awarded the 'Fight of the Night'. Each athlete was awarded an additional $50,000. All the awards are below:

Knockout of the Night -- Max Holloway

Submission of the Night -- Russell Doane

Fight of the Night -- Tarec Saffiedine vs. Hyun Gyu Lim

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MisterHawkeMMA site profile image  

1/4/14 5:23 PM by MisterHawkeMMA

The whole card was great. I was a little worried when Ellenberger got hurt, but Kim's performance made up for it. 2 things that should be taken away from the card is that...1. You MUST cut weight. That little guy Asian from dude from earlier in the night was bad ass, but he was tiny, and it showed. We've seen that now way too many times with Asians. 2. This isn't boxing, you HAVE to learn to fight from the opposite stance. Dudes are getting their legs killed to the point where the fight is almost finished, and that would all be avoidable if they felt comfortable switching stances. P.s. These types of cards, at this price point is what Bellator should've been doing.

ranier wolfcastle site profile image  

1/4/14 4:14 PM by ranier wolfcastle

it was a pretty good fight, for a 5 rounder highlight will be sick

bearockbrobama site profile image  

1/4/14 2:42 PM by bearockbrobama

These guys adding to their pay made the card even more worth it.Doane seems like a guy that deserves it. Holloway is so nice and is a young up and comer.Kim is a tank and Tarec got the UFC jitters out of the way.Holloway and Chope would've gotten FOTN if the main event wasnt a war and Kawajiri was a close second at submission.