Thomson okay risking no.1 contender status


Josh Thomson was originally scheduled to fight for the UFC lightweight title, but an injury to Anthony Pettis delayed the fight. Rather than wait for the champion, Thomson choose to face former champion Benson Henderson and put his number one contender status on the line, but also knows a win secures his place:

“You know, I was given the opportunity to fight for the title. That’s all I think I ever wanted was just to hear out of Joe Silva’s mouth, ‘Hey you’re getting the title shot’. That lets you know right there that you were considered to be one of the best in the world ever. And so, that’s something that I can take to my kids and I’m cool with,” Thomson continued.

“So whether win this fight or not, I know that I was given the opportunity to fight for the title. I’m obviously looking forward to winning this fight, so then there is no doubt whether I’m getting the next title shot or not. But there’s so much in front of me between now and then, I need to focus on him. I need to focus on Benson. I need to focus on just getting past this fight.

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legkicksinputin site profile image  

1/6/14 1:40 PM by legkicksinputin

Not hating, just overly praising (rightly so)

VinegarStrokes site profile image  

1/6/14 1:25 PM by VinegarStrokes

How do you not respect a guy risking his golden ticket against a former champ that is in his own right an excellent fighter?

VinegarStrokes site profile image  

1/6/14 1:24 PM by VinegarStrokes

Wow why the hate for Ben?

KZTT_FawkingxD site profile image  

1/6/14 12:28 PM by KZTT_FawkingxD

I got bendo! He's too strong too physical, doesn't leave much room to get tagged, he does very well mixing things up and he has great kicks as well. He might not be as dynamic as pettis or Thompson but bendo is awesome. This fight is going to be awesome! Props to Thompson! Guy is a monster too. Did a great job setting up head kicks against Nate.

Aaron Becker site profile image  

1/6/14 10:10 AM by Aaron Becker

I'm torn, I really like the way Josh fights and Bendo is one of my favorite fighters but when he was so nonchalant about getting subbed last fight, that really turned me off

iwatchsomemma site profile image  

1/6/14 4:24 AM by iwatchsomemma

Good luck to the Punk but making non-title Top 5 fighters fight can stifle a contender for a while.Match some Top 5 against Second 5 to better sort out the real contenders.IMHO.

Mix6APlix site profile image  

1/5/14 12:18 PM by Mix6APlix

Josh is awesome.

XxLiveBaitxX site profile image  

1/5/14 11:47 AM by XxLiveBaitxX

Josh is #1 contender?

ranier wolfcastle site profile image  

1/5/14 11:41 AM by ranier wolfcastle

good fighter, hespect but i dont think he'd beat pettis or bendo

nogi26 site profile image  

1/5/14 9:04 AM by nogi26

While I do think that Thomson has a legit shot against Pettis, as he matches up well. Both are athletic but not very big LWs with well rounded skill sets (thomson's offensive wrestling slightly better, and Pettis the more diverse striking game).However, I think Bendo is a terrible matchup for Thomson. Bendo is too physical and strong and will force him down just like kawajiri did. And while Thomson had great striking I don't think he's as tricky as Pettis. If Thomson is going to win he will need a great gameplan and will need to stick to it.