Barao opens as 3-1 favorite over Faber


For his chance to become the undisputed UFC bantamweight champion, Renan Barao will be a 3-1 favorite heading into a rematch with Urijah Faber at UFC 170:

Veteran oddsmaker Joey Oddessa (@MMAOdds) on Monday told MMAjunkie that Barao will open as more than a 3-to-1 favorite in the fight, which is a rematch from the pair’s interim title fight at UFC 149 about 18 months ago. Oddessa set the line at -325 for Faber, which is up from the first time the two fought, when Barao closed between -140 and -210 between online sportsbooks and casinos.

Oddessa said the short notice won’t work in Faber’s favor.

“You figure short notice and East Coast venue, and we’re looking at a repeat of first the bout,” Oddessa said. “Barao may not lose a round and exit 32-1 when the dust settles.”

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WithoutSpoilersdotCom site profile image  

1/7/14 5:01 PM by WithoutSpoilersdotCom

people DONT bet because of the odds.. bet because someone should wintheres no such thing as a value bet. that is for suckersi think faber wins via sub, so ill bet on that

iCameiLostiRetiredDiaz site profile image  

1/7/14 3:28 PM by iCameiLostiRetiredDiaz

Faber lost 6 title fights in a row... He is bound to win one. Kinda like the Tito's position against Bader.. Will he win this one?

Acecool72 site profile image  

1/7/14 3:24 PM by Acecool72

Plus he has won 4 in a row and all but 1 didn't go the distance

Acecool72 site profile image  

1/7/14 3:22 PM by Acecool72

He earned the shot who else should have got baroe couldn't finish him in the first fight if faber loses it will be by decision I think faber has only been stopped once

chawkins site profile image  

1/7/14 1:52 PM by chawkins

One of the guys who works for me is already making "Uriah Favored" wisecracks. Ugh.

hendofanforlife site profile image  

1/7/14 12:06 PM by hendofanforlife

Can the op be any more confusing? If faber is the under why is he -325?How have none of you gambling degenerates noticed this yet lol?Using between twice in a sentence twice. flopping flip words. Was this written as part of a special needs charity project?

Billyz site profile image  

1/7/14 11:29 AM by Billyz

oddessa makes a valid point. east coast venue 3 weeks notice to fight someone who already beat you. Faber has looked remarkable since his loss to Barao but this coudl be a tall order. I do hope he wins it because at the end of the day no one else deserves it as much as him he has been aroudn forever and he truly improved with Bang handling his striking

flipmode site profile image  

1/7/14 7:09 AM by flipmode

Super Faber lol

Kid Salami site profile image  

1/7/14 3:27 AM by Kid Salami

I thought Barao already is considered the undisputed champ?

SonOfThePeepHole site profile image  

1/7/14 3:14 AM by SonOfThePeepHole

If faber loses this holy shit