Miller wants McGregor to earn his hype


Cole Miller is focused on his upcoming fight with Sam Sicilia, but in the back of his head, Conor McGregor is just rubbing him the wrong way. Miller, a long time veteran of the sport, believes that McGregor is receiving to much praise and attention based off his nationality, and that he needs to grind his way up, just like he did:

As usual, Miller will take his frustrations out on his next opponent in Sicilia. But he hasn’t lost sight of his previous target: McGregor.

“You come in and you say you’re getting ready to fight (Jose) Aldo, and you call out the entire top 10,” Miller said. “Two of those guys are my teammates, and you’re going to call all of them out, and not even going to finish this guy that you just fought, who is not an experienced fighter – who is actually getting all his experience in the UFC.

“And you’re going to get the fast track? No, I don’t think so. He might be able to beat my ass. But that’s my point: Come beat my ass, and then you can move up the ladder.”

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talkischeap site profile image  

7/23/14 5:03 AM by talkischeap

Ok im just but hurt over bart palasezski

talkischeap site profile image  

7/23/14 4:35 AM by talkischeap

Sounds like miller is sour ! Wow what happened to him! Getting hurt and falling out of the limelight dont automatically mean you need to bad mouth the guy to stay relevant ! I fully understand that the biggest push he gets and got wad vrs coner but to get hurt and still talk shit is pathetic He fights and backs up the talk ! Learn from that !

House Boru site profile image  

7/23/14 4:16 AM by House Boru

holloway is way better than brandao imo. and will end up proving to be top 10 or better.

Stea1th site profile image  

7/23/14 2:08 AM by Stea1th


SevenLeggedSpider site profile image  

1/16/14 9:37 PM by SevenLeggedSpider

WOW!!   I actually just watched this fight. I heard the results, but it was a Cole Miller fight, I HAD to see it.   Boy what a fight man!! At least for one guy lol   Talk about making Stea1th eat crow as well ha ha ha.  "Wett blanket"-HA!!   Man Cole has been doing an OUTSTANDING job of utilizing his range/length with his striking. I've seen it come along over the past year or so, but he seems to really have his distance down.  Miller fucking OWNED the stand up in this fight. This fight was just about all stand up save for the last 1 minute.   Dude the way Miller uses his reach I think he will give Conor problems. I just hope Cole is able to keep the fight standing when he's winning, but find a way to get it to the ground when he's losing.  On the ground very few can hang with him.

FETT_WTT_TFK_UGCTT_pennviachoke site profile image  

1/15/14 9:35 PM by FETT_WTT_TFK_UGCTT_pennviachoke

Great bump

SevenLeggedSpider site profile image  

1/15/14 9:34 PM by SevenLeggedSpider

Cole Ma' Fuckin Miller!!

Paper View Keybored Warrior site profile image  

1/10/14 2:30 PM by Paper View Keybored Warrior


Paper View Keybored Warrior site profile image  

1/10/14 2:22 PM by Paper View Keybored Warrior

^^^this.I like Cole. Didn't like him being nearly brought to tears after one of his last wins. Worrying about his spot in UFC. How close he thought he was to being cut.Might be too late now but while it's the 'fight game', it's also the marketing/self-promotion game & Cole is running after a train that has already left the platform.

SevenLeggedSpider site profile image  

1/10/14 2:03 PM by SevenLeggedSpider

still waiting for you to tell us examples of him being a wet blanket stea1th.....   I have a feeling due to your consistent negativity, you're probably next on my ignore list.  I'll hold out to see your wet blanket examples.