WSOF VP: Alvarez ruined Bellator


The World Series of Fighting (WSOF) made news earlier this week when it challenged Bellator to a winner take all PPV matchup. And yesterday Anthony Johnson revealed his next fight would be his last on his contract, however Vice-President Ali Abdelaziz believes that whether or not they resign Johnson, they won't make the same mistake Bellator made with Eddie Alvarez:

"Eddie Alvarez single-handedly ruined one promotion because all this drama and nasty things that happened," Abdelaziz said. "He ruined some people's careers. I believe he ruined this promotion because they can't sign anyone because of one guy. Why would I force a guy to be with me if he doesn't want to be with me? You have to understand, the fan is always going to go with the fighters, if the fighter is right, and Eddie was right."

"If Anthony's contract is over and he want to go and fight in different place... Guess what? I'm going to give him a big huge hug and say good luck and wish him the best of luck," he continued in a matter of fact tone. "This is 2014. Were not boxing or different sports. If somebody have a dream to fight wherever you call it, the UFC, whatever... Who am I as a human being an individual, from keeping him from achieving his dreams? Everybody has a dream and me and Ray, and Sean, when we started this promotion, we said ‘fighters first.' Guarantee you this is why we have so much fans behind us, and supporting us. We might not be getting the biggest rating whatever, but I can guarantee you whoever tunes in to watch World Series of Fighting on NBC Sports, they are really true MMA fans."

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Recent Comments »

Chris27 site profile image  

1/10/14 3:19 PM by Chris27

You all realize he isnt blaming Eddie, he is saying that situation ruined Bellator.

JJarvis_6 site profile image  

1/10/14 3:16 PM by JJarvis_6

Bellator screwed bellator

BertR site profile image  

1/10/14 1:50 PM by BertR

"Lol at "actual threat to Zuffa". Stop sniffing the glue"Actions speak louder than words, and the actions of the UFC toward Bellator is that they fear them so they're doing their best to try to prevent them from building steam off of the success they've had so far. I think it's also about trying to send a message to any big multinational besides Viacom that getting over in this market will be very difficult and expensive so it's not worth it.

MIKE CIESNOLEVICZ site profile image  

1/10/14 1:43 PM by MIKE CIESNOLEVICZ

Ali Abdelaziz is a smart guy. He gets it and see the big picture. TTT for Bellator & WSOF to be successful.

steve sandstrom site profile image  

1/10/14 1:42 PM by steve sandstrom

Lol at "actual threat to Zuffa ". Stop sniffing the glue.

steve sandstrom site profile image  

1/10/14 1:39 PM by steve sandstrom

Nobody said that bud. Keep trolling.

PrettyBoy site profile image  

1/10/14 1:26 PM by PrettyBoy

Ali is a fucking liar. I can name a more than one fighter who he has tried to keep under WSOF banner when they wanted to go elsewhere. Have any of you ever read a WSOF contract? They are uncontainable they are so abrasive and would never actually hold up in court.The guy is an idiot. And I would 100% say it to his face. I don't know anyone who knows this guy personally who really likes him. WSOF will fail as long as they have these incapable individuals at the helm.

shaqitup site profile image  

1/10/14 1:23 PM by shaqitup

Well upon clarification it is obvious he meant the situation involving eddie Alvarez considering he goes on to say they should have just let him go and they have no business telling him he can't fight elsewhere after his contract is done.

BertR site profile image  

1/10/14 1:19 PM by BertR

WSOF is owned by Zuffa crony Sig Rogich so it's no wonder they're going hard against an actual competitor with independent goals that is an actual threat to the interests of Zuffa like Bellator. Zuffa has done well to deflect the criticism of their awful contracts onto Bellator though, and with WSOF as a pristine front without the baggage of the UFC it allows for Dana and the Fertittas to create more of an echo chamber of Zuffa propaganda which the mma "media" will feed off of because of their need for content to attract views and their dependence on the success of Zuffa for their own success.

KOphil25 site profile image  

1/10/14 1:08 PM by KOphil25

Can't wait til Minakov and Lima leave, they belong in the UFC


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